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10 14 17 18 15 13 11 9. Brondell's line of Swash electronic bidet toilet seats includes the Swash 1400, with a hidden pocket to conceal the power cord and water supply and wireless remote control with two programmable user setting buttons. Additional nozzle positions, water temperatures and seat temperatures are included. A blue nightlight illuminates the area. Circle No. 213 on Product Card 10. Duravit's HygieneGlaze 2.0 antibacterial ceramic glaze eradicates 99.9 percent of bacteria in 12 hours, reaching 99.999 percent in 24 hours, according to the company. Baked into the ceramic, the finish extends from the interior of the basin to the rim. HygieneGlaze 2.0 is available in the P3 Comforts and ME by Starck ranges. Circle No. 214 on Product Card 11. The one-piece, self-contained, wall-hung Sanistar Macerating Toilet System from SFA Saniflo allows a bathroom to be installed in small spaces. The Euro-contemporary design combines a macerating pump and an electronically activated flushing mechanism, with no external water tank, using only 1.1 gpf. Circle No. 215 on Product Card 12. Vanquish improves on the standard toilet in three main ways: side-mount- ed seat hinges for easy cleaning, two-times the rinsing power to minimize clogs and a bacteria-resistant surface, says Mansfield Plumbing. Featuring an elongated front and SmartHeight bowl, the toilet includes a slow-close seat. Circle No. 216 on Product Card 13. The Sanborne Toilet Seat with NightLight and the Sanborne Potty-Training Toilet Seat with NightLight, both from Delta Faucet Co., provide a guiding light through the night. NightLight Technology operates on a self-activating timer to ensure energy efficiency when the soft blue LED light illuminates. NightLight emits a blue glow when the toilet seat is up or down. Circle No. 217 on Product Card 14. Gerber has introduced its Avalanche Elite toilet, featuring a contemporary design with a simple, semi-concealed trapway (CT). It houses the PowerClean flushing system for powerful flushing capability, and its large rectangular footprint will cover old or damaged flooring. The toilet operates at 1.28 gpf and comes in three configurations, including round front and ADA options. Circle No. 218 on Product Card 15. The Viega 1.2/0.7 gpf in-wall Eco plus WC Carriers are available for use with Viega Visign flush plates. The reduced flush carriers are designed for greater water conservation and come in 2'x4' and 2'x6' sizes. Featuring steel powder-coated frame construction, the carriers can be mounted in wood or metal studs, directly onto the wall or with mounting rails. Circle No. 219 on Product Card 16. Inspired by the smoothness of Alaskan glaciers, the Mirabelle Sitka one-piece toilet showcases a soft transitional design with a nearly seamless silhouette. The smooth skirted bowl curves gently all the way up to the tall tank wall that conceals the tank lid. The Mirabelle Sitka from Ferguson flushes 1,000 grams MaP. Circle No. 220 on Product Card 17. American Standard's Advanced Clean SpaLet bidet seat collection in- cludes two independent, self-cleaning nozzles and a choice of control options. Water spray strength, water temperature, massage spray force and seat heating can be adjusted to deliver a customized experience. Additional options include an activated charcoal deodorizer, an elongated, slow-close seat and detachable lid for easy cleaning. Circle No. 221 on Product Card 18. The Pléo Wall Hung Toilet marries a crisp European aesthetic with envi- ronmental and technological advancements. The fixture, from Kallista, fea- tures an elongated, skirted bowl in an hourglass shape, with an actuator plate that has rounded edges framed by smoky white glass. The seat is equipped with a slow-close, quick-hinge release, while panels on the sides and back cover the post-holes and wall mounts. Circle No. 222 on Product Card 16 9 12 74 Kitchen & Bath Design News • June 2018 PRODUCT REVIEW

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