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JUN 2018

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Bold Color Contrasts Provide Fresh Looks in Kitchen Design A renewed energy and enthusiasm, spurred on by a bubbling economy and advances in tech- nology and the arts, is impacting the world clos- er to home. Consumers are opening themselves up to fashions for themselves that are ripe with lush florals, metallics and ruffles, and looks for the home that embrace bold colors and person- alized pieces. For the kitchen, simple looks in both style and color – or lack of color – are falling by the wayside in favor of dramatic statement pieces, rich tones and textures that beg to be touched. The layering of textures, colors and materials is the new norm, with hues that are both strong and easy to live with. A big surprise in kitchen design is that black is back, and in a big way. From simple touches to the overall canvas, all shades of black – from charcoal to ebony, and super matte to mirror high gloss – are being obsessed over and incorporated into rooms. The interest in black is multifaceted. Some experts see black evoking privacy in the home, a needed retreat from a world that overshares infor- mation. Black also reflects the popular minimalist attitude prevalent today – a desire to return to basics. Others note its perfection as the ultimate neutral, much like the classic little black dress, that will go with any color or design style. COLOR COMPLEMENTS Regardless of the finish or tone, black's take- charge attitude in the kitchen provides the perfect backdrop to home design's other story – color! Neutrals – even one as dramatic as black – can be stark or boring without the right contrast for balance, and that's where today's hues shine. Colors in the home reflect personality and confidence, and make a statement about the indi- vidual living in the space. Gone are the super pale and cool shades of just a few years ago. Today, everything from dusty natural shades to bold jewel tones are vying for attention, pairing perfectly with today's warmer neutrals. Super-saturated shades are showing up every- where, but especially on kitchen cabinetry. Color provides a fresh vibe when paired with the latest black appliances, as well as the latest in brass fittings and hardware. And, color isn't just appearing on one state- ment piece, such as the island. Instead, its spreading to perimeter cabinetry, especially through the use of rich tones on base cabinets and paler hues and glass on uppers. Vivid cabinetry colors also pair well with appliances of similar hues. Today's kitchens are bursting with a range of tones, including teal, red, orange, amber, jade, eggplant and even espres- so, to name a few. And, any shade of blue – from beachy to cobalt to navy – is a primary go-to choice for islands and appliances alike. In addition to all things black, white, gray and neutral light woods are a popular staple in the kitchen. Accents of color on light-toned cabinetry is prevalent, with rich hues bringing out a more or- ganic appearance for weathered woods, bleached grains and exotic species. Popular Scandinavian, mid-century modern and Bauhaus looks are also enhanced by current colors. Matte black is a star in faucets and fixtures as well, though bright colors such as red are com- manding attention. Copper – both shiny and with a slight patina – is favored, as is brushed stain- less and the ever-growing brass tones. All work well with bright colors in cabinetry and popular artisan-crafted tiles. Color has been an important part of the story for REHAU, which provides cabinet doors and surfaces in a range of finishes. Durable, finger- print-resistant and beautiful, the company's offering includes on-trend shades that deliver a fresh look to the kitchen. To complement matte black and other finishes with low shine, REHAU delivers FENIX NTM, an extremely opaque nanotech material with low light reflectivity that is soft to the touch. Created using next-generation resin, the product thermally heals any microscratches, maintaining its beau- tiful finish. Relevant colors for today's kitchens include Blu Delft, Verde Comodoro, Rosso Jaipur and Blu Fes. For those who prefer a higher shine, RAUVISIO radiant™ and RAUVISIO brilliant™ deliver dura- ble, high-gloss surfaces. RAUVISIO radiant is a high-gloss PET covered melamine, and it is avail- able in shades such as Zebrawood, Ebony and Grey Pine. For a mirror-like shine, RAUVISIO bril- liant is the answer. The high-gloss surface delivers vibrant colors of Prugna, Vino, Notte, Marrone and Rame that are UV resistant. RAUVISIO crystal polymer back-painted acrylic glass surfaces add color to cabinets with the look of glass, without the hassles. Lighter in weight than glass, the durable polymer is a UV resistant, fully customizable board that features colorfastness, durability, scratch and impact re- sistance. It is available in both high gloss and and matte, frosted glass looks, available in Azzurro, Menta, Fumo and Corniola. For more infomation on REHAU's bold color options, visit ADVERTORIAL REHAU's vivid, bright blue FENIX NTM cabinet color makes a bold statement in this beautiful kitchen. The shine of these RAUVISIO crystal™ cabinet doors brings this neutral bathroom to life with the perfect pop of color. Black is back! This gorgeous multi-toned minimalist kitchen showcases REHAU's super matte black FENIX NTM™ surfaces, as well as its RAUVISIO metal™ cabinet doors. Circle No. 22 on Product Card

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