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JUN 2018

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free floating and act as a focal point. In most designs, traffic flows around them." KITCHEN PIZZA OVENS Pizza oven prices have dropped, Menn com- ments, and that makes entertaining with them more affordable: "More and more, people love to entertain and will do this with a pizza oven and cooking at home." They're definitely getting more popular. Kristen Elder, senior director of appliances for Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery, observes: "We've seen sales increase steadily as high-end consumers become more aware of what's available. For example, Monogram offers an indoor pizza oven that fits in the same space as a traditional wall oven and does not require custom installation or special venting." It should be noted that the Monogram model, which got even sleeker and more high tech with its 2018 KBIS release, is electric, not wood-fired. Your pizza palate may not detect the difference. WARMING UP THE BATH "In the last six months, as the economy has bolted forward, we have seen an increase in the exploration of adding fireplace features in bathrooms," Menn says. "The fireplaces are either placed to set a 'mood' for the bathroom experience or are a common design feature linking the bedroom to the bathroom (i.e. a two-sided fireplace opening to both the bath- room and bedroom. We have been specifying and installing mainly linear, decorative gas fireplaces using decorative rocks." Napoleon's Schroeter is also seeing a surge in shared master bath-bedroom fireplaces. Some models allow for split controls, too: "The heat can be turned off in the bathroom if the room is steamy from a shower, and be kept on in the bedroom side for cozier relaxing." Smaller gas fire- places are also p opular in bathrooms, she notes. Kerrisdale's Perry adds, "Low-profile linear electrics are great here as they can be inset into walls (even in a 2'x6') to have them flush and unobtrusive. Unlike gas, they don't have any venting requirements, which really keeps the net costs down." OUTDOOR KITCHENS These increasingly popular features offer endless design possibilities. "We have designed and installed everything from just a BBQ to a full-on kitchen with running water, pizza oven, refrigeration, ice makers, cooktops, etc.," recalls Menn. "Everything that can be installed in an indoor kitchen can be done outdoors." Ferguson's Elder observes, "The outdoor kitchen trend is popular coast-to-coast. As such, we've seen sales of outdoor pizza ovens follow this trend and sales have substantially grown over the past five years." There are other popular fire features com- ing to outdoor kitchens as well. Perry com- ments: "Outdoor appliance lines that have been pushing the envelope have come out with prod- ucts like gas-powered teppanyaki griddles, deep Outdoor kitchen features are expanding beyond grills and smokers. A fireplace serves both the bedroom and bathroom in a luxury suite. Fire features are popular additions to pools and spas. Fire tables with rims for food and drink are very popular. Photo: Ortal Photo: The Kerrisdale Lumber Company Photo: Michael Menn, Ltd./ Dennis Jourdan Photography Photo: Stone Forest 38 Kitchen & Bath Design News • June 2018 TREND SPOTTING

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