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JUN 2018

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Ever since Prometheus stole fire from the an- cient Greek gods and gave it to humans, we've been enchanted by its warmth, glow and power. The good news is that bringing fire features to your kitchen and bath clients doesn't have to subject you to titanic torture. You will need to mind local rules, though, or the modern "gods" of local codes will punish you mightily. Fortunately, there are professionals to help guide you through the process. Here are some of the trends they're spotting, along with in- sights from design and appliance colleagues. BURNING ISSUES Chicago area architect Michael Menn's name- sake design-build firm sees fire features on the upswing as the economy booms, but cautions, "When it comes to the indoor environment, codes set the standard. So, if you are adding more and more gas appliances, make-up air requirements will be affected." Jack Goldman, CEO of the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association, shares, "The indus- try keeps a close eye on codes – which can be updated every three years – and regulations, which can be developed whenever the federal government or any regional, state or provincial government feels that there is a need to do so. Specifiers shouldn't worry too much about this as the industry is on top of it." Be sure to consult a local specialist when you're planning a fire feature for your project so you know what the codes are for your area. Lyle Perry, v.p. of operations for The Kerrisdale Lumber Co. in Vancouver has seen the industry address environmental concerns, one of the leading causes of code and regulato- ry expansion: "I have seen manufacturers place more emphasis on the efficiency of energy use. If gas is being burned on a grill, they are doing a much better job of directing that heat where it needs to go, not escaping elsewhere. All sectors need to chip in where they can to mitigate and slow the impacts of climate change. I don't think our relationship with fire is going to cease, so it is good to see the products adjusting with the times." HOT TOPICS "Our research is showing that Millennials are starting to buy houses," Goldman adds. "As a result, we expect to see continued healthy demand for barbecue products." Fireplaces are another growth area, he predicts. Ingrid Schroeter, immediate past chair of HPBA's board and co-owner with her hus- band Wolfgang of manufacturer Napoleon Fireplaces, shares results from their research last year: "Participants were asked where they currently have fireplaces in their home, and where they'd like to have them in their next home. The largest discrepancy was found in the bedroom and outdoor space. When participants were exposed to pictures, desire for rooms with fireplaces increased 41 percent." Might showing clients a fireplace in your de- signs improve your bottom line? Perhaps. "Our research also showed that the consumer's per- ception of their contractor, builder, remodeler, designer or dealer increases when they include features such as fireplaces in multiple rooms," Schroeter adds. They're hot on customizing styles and features too, she points out. KITCHEN FIREPLACES "We're starting to see more electric fireplaces being incorporated into kitchens," Schroeter observes. "One of the most popular places is on the end of kitchen islands." She adds that models offering heat reduction or elimination are especially popular in kitchen areas, which often get hot from cooking. "We have been designing and installing gas fireplaces and pizza ovens in kitchens," archi- tect Menn shares. "The fireplaces are being de- signed because they provide a focal point either directly in the kitchen or as a divider between living spaces and the kitchen. Most of these are Fire Features Lend a Warm Glow BY JAMIE GOLD, CKD, CAPS Fire features are increasingly popular for both indoor and outdoor spaces – making them a great way for designers to generate added profit. Island ends are popular spots for compact fireplaces. Modern is the dominant style in fireplaces today. Indoor pizza ovens are getting sleeker and smarter. Photo: Napoleon Fireplaces Photo: Monogram available at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery Photo: Napoleon Fireplaces 36 Kitchen & Bath Design News • June 2018 TREND SPOTTING Continued

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