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" WE USE FACEBOOK the most but have increased our use of Instagram lately and find we're getting good responses from new audiences. We also have increased our attention to Google My Business and have seen a positive impact on web traffic as well as higher organic Google searches that we think are happening because we update our Google Business page frequently." Ginny Brandreth, marketing director Zobel & Co. Kitchens Glens Falls, NY " WE HAVE A Facebook page, a Houzz page and an Instagram account. They all seem to be effective ways to share beautiful photos of successful projects and what our company can do. We get exposure with other local businesses and can share design ideas. Social media gives us visible relevance in the remodeling and new construction industry, and is also helpful in advertising what colors of stone we have to offer." Hannah Anders, sales Garden City Granite, Inc. Missoula, MT " WE USE OUR own website, Facebook, Houzz, Pinterest, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter and our blog. Our own website is the most effective, but even at that, all of our social media accounts for a very small per- centage of business. So, no, I don't plan on increasing social media use any more than I already do right now." Kevin Anderson, owner KAdd Associates Mundelein, IL " WE UTILIZE INSTAGRAM, Facebook, Pinterest and Houzz. We plan to utilize LinkedIn more in 2018, and have seen the most return on investment from Facebook, though recently, Instagram has been getting us noticed as well. We only have a few customers who have come in with boards on Houzz, but a lot of our designers find inspiration on Pinterest still." Megan Eastburn, marketing manager Eastburn Woodworks Pensacola, FL " " I USE INSTAGRAM regularly, Facebook occasionally and rarely LinkedIn (I never post but sometimes read posts). I think Instagram is useful for business-to-business relation- ships and exposure, although I wouldn't expect to gain clients from it. Who knows? It is a learning process. Dean Street's Hillary Rushford gives good classes on growing your business on Instagram use, I think, but I haven't pursued this [yet]. On the other hand, I have gotten some very good projects via Houzz along with exposure." Cassia Wyner, principal CW Design LLC Brookline, MA " ALTHOUGH WE STILL use tele- vision marketing, in this day and age it is imperative to use every media available to promote your business. We are engaged with Facebook, Pinterest and Houzz. Not only are you reaching wide markets, but the social media sites keep you informed of what's trending, what's hot and what's not. The more your business name is seen in differ- ent medias, the more you become branded as a household name, and that ultimately results in increased business." Carolyn Kelly, cabinet design specialist CO Lumber Specialties Colorado Springs, CO " NO, I DON'T use social media for business and don't plan to start. I have more business than I can handle." Nathan Sherburne, owner Custom Strucures Skowhegan, ME " YES, WE ARE on Facebook and Instagram. For us, we can show jobs as they are happening and completed, keep po- tential customers up to date on trends and not spend advertising money! We tag the companies that we use and sometimes get a re-post on their sites, which is a great feeling! We hope to use social media more and more – consistent use really helps!" Kelly Brooks, owner Surface Source Design Center Belton, TX " INSTAGRAM IS MY 'go to' platform. We follow up with Facebook pages and monthly blogs that connect to my website. My existing clients get a monthly newsletter and newsletter signups on my website are picking up monthly from those who have found me on Instagram." Toni Nulton TLN Interiors Elk Grove, CA " SOCIAL MEDIA HAS been part of our business promotion for several years. We actively post on Instagram, Facebook and Houzz. We enjoy using these tools to inform and to collaborate with our clients. As a team, we share an abundance of Instagram images and related comments with each other daily, adding inspiration to our projects and fun to our workdays. In terms of effective promotion, we have found Houzz to be great in generating leads. For best results, we believe it is important to post only professional pho- tography on Houzz; ideally all platforms. A collection of great reviews is another key to success via Houzz. We believe social media promotion will become increasingly more important in the future." Jill Jarrett, CMKBD, CAPS, owner Jarrett Design LLC Emmaus, PA " PORTFOLIOS ARE AVAILABLE on our installer's Facebook account and on their website. I think these are helpful to close sales due to numerous before and after photos, but they have not generated new business from what I see." Zac Mirecki, designer The Home Depot Glastonbury, CT " WE FIND THAT Houzz is most tar- geted to our clients…but it is not as widely known as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. A presence with all platforms is important to validate you as a business and to show your clients that you are competitive in your relevance among other competitors." Lililan Priebe, partner Priebe's Creative Woodworking Benton Harbor, MI Dealers & Designers Talk Social Media WHAT DO YOU THINK? Email your feedback, contact information and the subject, 'Market Pulse' with your message to Do you actively use social media to promote your business? If so, which platforms do you find most effective and why? If not, do you expect to increase your social media usage in the near future? 10 Kitchen & Bath Design News • May 2018 MARKET PULSE READERS' OPINIONS ON INDUSTRY-RELATED ISSUES

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