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served as a physical block," she says. "Now, as people come into the space, the whole impact of what they see draws them in. Any direction that someone comes into the room, they see the beautiful focal point in the corner." The designer created a secondary focal point with the island. It features a contrasting dark hue, lit glass-front cabinet and Delicatus granite top, which is honed to bring out the sparkle of the mica chips. "Focal points are typically taller and in your line of sight," she says. "But the family room is two steps down from the kitchen, which lowers that line of sight. When my clients sit on the couch, they can look over their shoulders and see the is- land, which is at eye level. The focal points in this kitchen shift depending on where my clients are, and what they are doing. " LIMITLESS VISUAL ACCESS Weiss' client enjoys the hummingbirds that frequent the wood- ed area in her yard, so it made perfect sense to create a focal point that draws attention to the view (see photos, Page 56). As part of that goal, Weiss complemented the windowed back- splash with a backless and frontless cabinet above the sink to give her client nearly limitless visual access to her feathered friends while creating shelves to display collectibles. Painting the cabinet a green hue differentiates it from the creamy white cabinets. Weiss further enhanced the focal point with a copper sink, set within a custom cabinet with details designed to draw attention. The designer incorporated a secondary focal point with the Aga range, which is flanked by legs that match the sink base. "When she is in her dining room, her direct line of vision is the stove," she says, noting that the purposeful elimination of the appliance window minimizes distractions. Even though the kitchen is relatively small, Weiss created a third focal point via a shelf above the refrigerator. "She has a lot of tchotchkes, so we needed another place for her to display them," she says. "This shelf serves that purpose but also draws the eye up, creating another focal point. No matter where she looks in her kitchen, there's something interesting to see." A confident and adventurous sense of color helped guide the selection of the bold, black enamel range and custom zinc and brass ventilation hood in this kitchen de- signed by Michelle Lecinski. The coffee bar, a second focal point in the space, features reclaimed oak shelves that are distressed and stained to coordinate with the reclaimed wood countertop that is crafted from railcar flooring. Photos: Joe Nowak Photography 58 Kitchen & Bath Design News • May 2018 FOCAL POINTS Continued

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