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May 2018 • 31 Read past columns and features and send us your comments about this article and others at talked about friendly and competent people, cleanliness and organized layouts. At the end, I pointed out that no one had cited price as something great about the store. Asking peo- ple to draw on their luxury experience is important. We are at the dawn of a new era for decora- tive showrooms. I have met many inspirational showroom managers who blow the doors off this business. They offer great training for their teams, use CRM technology and modern traffic counting systems. They understand the new retail world. They are excited to see what Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will bring to showrooms. They see consumer trends changing faster than ever before, and they study, react and fix. I look forward to learn- ing from them. So back to cigars. In my new role as direc- tor at Luxury Products Group, I can help my 250+ showrooms create a great experience, and keep their customers coming back. I can let them know the mistakes I have made, and help them with the resources I know of, have them learn to run a better busi- ness, so we all succeed. I now find myself having to consider all showrooms in our community, even my competitors, because if they offer a lousy "cigar," more customers will get fed up, and buy from other channels. We can no longer afford to give Amazon and big-box stores the gift of our disenchanted customer. As much as I may want my competition of- fering "terrible cigars," I really want them to offer cigars that are just terrible enough, and that is where having the better people on your team is the measurable difference in a show- room's success. ▪ Jeff MacDowell is the executive director of the Luxury Products Group. DPH Perspectives is published quarterly as part of a strategic alliance between Kitchen & Bath Design News and The Decorative Plumbing & Hard- ware Association. The power is electric. The design is Italian. Only Verona offers a full line of electric ranges, ovens and cooktops; including our exclusive 36" fully electric range with double ovens. All artisan handcrafted in Italy and built with pride to American specifications. In a word… bellissimo. M a d e i n I t a l y | R a n g e s | O v e n s | C o o k t o p s 8 6 6 - 8 4 4 - 6 5 6 6 | w w w. v e r o n a a p p l i a n c e s . c o m Circle No. 20 on Product Card

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