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and cameras inside, worked in conjunction with a grocery-related app, making it possible to check the fridge from remote locations, and then order whatever is needed, delivered right to the door. As the name implies, the fridge can also connect to other devices in the home, supporting streaming onto its screen or playing music through its speakers. Perhaps because this was a place where art- ists and craftspeople were showing, or where the luxury lighting was created for more than the kitchen and bath, the lighting options were amazing. Predominantly LED sourced, fixtures ranged from pearl-like draped ropes of light on wall or ceiling brackets ( to custom forged steel and glass statements (, The theme of "beautiful, unexpected and extra-functional," was apparent in much more, such as the London-based paint company, Mylands, with a paint that in- cluded ground marble to give it an incredible and scrubable finish (, or the indoor/outdoor surface material, WoodForm Concrete (www.woodformcon-, and my personal favorite, a beautiful antique oak wood floor panel, made by hand in Italy with brass and steel inlays ( These choices certainly speak to that desire for the unique, and the ex- hibitor directory from the show would make a great resource list ( about/exhibitors/). Certainly, we need the tools, concepts, products and know- how that we build in our profession. After many years attend- ing KBIS, I am still always picking up new information and ideas, but sometimes I find myself collecting design ideas not from the show, but from the hotels and restaurants because, beyond the basics, good design also needs to be inspired, and hotels and restau- rants often offer a new source or perspective. The Architectural Digest Design Show provides a good dose of that mo- tivation, and I hope this taste of it has roused your creative energy. ▪ Read past columns and features and send us your comments about this article and others at 28 Kitchen & Bath Design News • May 2018 PLANNING & DESIGN Design Enhancements for today's interiors Dealer inquiries welcome Design Enhancements Circle No. 18 on Product Card

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