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JAN 2018

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"A large, single-bowl basin sink is very essential to the modern farmhouse look," says Davenport. Billings agrees. "First and foremost, a modern farmhouse kitchen needs a big, single-basin, porcelain apron-front sink," she says. "It's a must." Bagley Catlin notes that concrete sinks with apron fronts have been making some inroads, "but a white farmhouse sink – fireclay if the budget allows – is still classic. That doesn't seem to be changing." Merging it with the charm of a traditional farmhouse show- cases the best of both. "People want the character of a farmhouse kitchen with its quaint details," Davenport explains. "It's very grounding, offering a connection with nature and the land. A modern farm- house kitchen exudes that same charm, but it also offers a fresh, new look that incorporates clean and airy designs of modern, uncluttered kitchens. Countertops are clear, and what is left out on the counter is used every day and is very purposeful. Combining the two completely different styles – modern with farmhouse – and rolling them into one, allows for a fun and current design. If done correctly, it strikes a beautiful balance." Today's modern farmhouse kitchens also have a greater fo- cus on flow, adds Mike Dauria, Gilley Kitchen + Bath, in West Hartford, CT. "When you look at more traditional farmhouses, there seems to be less thought put into how someone used the space," he says. "Functions were allowed for, but that was basically it. In this design style – and really in all kitchens we design – we focus more on how things flow, such as making sure a trash receptacle is next to the sink and dishwasher so you can perform routine functions like scraping and rinsing a plate, then putting it into the dishwasher, all without having to move. We'll also include thoughtful pullouts for spices, utensils, etc." ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS Every design style has its own unique combination of materi- als and products that define its appearance and characterize its expression. 'Modern farmhouse' is no different. At its heart are several elements designers identify as critical, beginning with the quintessential farm-style sink. Davenport Imber combines the minimalistic look of a modern kitchen with the charm of a traditional farmhouse to showcase the best of both in modern farmhouse kitchens such as this renovation. Exposed shelves, shiplap walls and library sconces fulfill the farmhouse details, while oversized windows satisfy the modern aspects. Photos: Emily Followill 90 Kitchen & Bath Design News • January 2018 STYLE ALERT

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