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at an appliance that will last more than a decade in these times of increasing innovation. Therefore, remote diag- nostics – and even remote repair – go hand-in-hand with remote product updates. Kathleen Donohue, CMKBD Neil Kelly Designers/Remodelers, Portland, OR FINAL WORDS It seems as residential kitchens get bigger and more compli- cated, the best results come from great teamwork. I realize most designers work in a studio setting, a home- based office or a showroom space that may not incorporate appliances. And that's a quandary – to present appliance capabilities today, the client benefits from seeing them in operation or having a demonstration of their capabilities. And the design pro needs to become very well versed in how these appliances work and what benefits they offer to be capable of recommending them in the early planning stages of the space management discussions. I recommend you partner with your local appliance ex- perts. Attend both in-person and on-line training programs. Additionally, visit manufacturers' websites – they often include sections just for pros like yourself that contain very helpful dimensional detailing and mechanical requirements useful during the initial planning stages. In 2018 – and beyond – just say "yes" to the appliance component of the design, and enthusiastically include them in your beautiful new kitchen plans! ▪ Ellen Cheever, CMKBD, ASID, CAPS, is a well-known author, designer, speaker and marketing specialist. A member of the NKBA Hall of Fame, Cheever gained prominence in the industry early on as the author of two design education textbooks. She manages an award-winning design firm, Ellen Cheever & Associates, and has been part of the management team of several major cabinet companies. " It may help if you explain the connected appliance in two ways: first, the benefit of the connectivity to the family member interested in technology; and then, the ease- of-use features for the cook who is uncertain about the value of such a new feature. "For example, with the culinary center in a wall oven, the connected advantage of remote control might appeal to one user, while the value of pre-set convection settings to ensure a perfect outcome will appeal to the cook who just wants a great new oven!" Pietro A. Giorgi, Sr., CMKBD Giorgi Kitchens & Designs, Wilmington, DE " I ask all of my clients to – at a minimum – go through a demonstration of all of the newer technologies provided by the trade partner I work with – and to do so with an open mind. They don't need to buy the newest and best; but, at the least, I want them to be aware of what they are saying no to. The last thing I want is a client realizing in a year or two that they wish they had known about something that was available at the time of their renova- tion. More knowledge may not always lead to a different decision, but it does lead to a better decision." Julia Johnston, CKD, CAPS Kitchens for Cooking, West Palm Beach, FL " First, I reassure them the appliance glass touch screen is not as delicate as their phone screen: very different product! "Second, I share how much research and product devel- opment has gone into these new appliances. For example, how the control panel is a separate component from the cooking/cooling traditional mechanism of the unit. "Most importantly, these new connected appliances are updatable, which is a real plus when you are looking This kitchen has three work areas that have appliances with touch screen control panels, and they're all at different heights. How convenient to be able to manage them all from one location – with no stooping, bending or reaching necessary! Photo: Courtesy of Jenn-Air 80 Kitchen & Bath Design News • January 2018 DESIGNER'S NOTEBOOK

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