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JAN 2018

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ADVERTISEMENT Auth Lux® Summits Celebrate Originality ROHL Authentic Luxury is where original design and a commitment to craft come together, connecting touch of hand, truth in materials and place of origin. GREG ROHL, VP MARKETING, ROHL T he topic of Authentic Luxury will continue to be explored during a series of four new Auth Lux Summits in 2018. Atlanta, Miami, Boston and San Francisco will host presentations and panel discussions exploring "What Makes Authentic Luxury." A number of home furnishings, finishes and building product brands will come together to examine "Designing the Authentic Luxury Bath," including Jonathan Zanger of Walker Zanger Tile and Greg Rohl of ROHL Luxury Faucets and Fixtures. Pam Danziger, Principal, Unity Marketing, will share insights and new data on the importance of understanding authenticity, luxury and the third dimension— Authentic Luxury. The importance of original design will be discussed, introducing the organization beOriginal and its role in educating and protecting designers and manufacturers who are committed to preserving the integrity and attribution of original design. The 2018 Auth Lux Designer Guild The Auth Lux Summits will be hosted by the new class of ROHL Auth Lux Guild members. Each will share their perspectives on Authentic Luxury, including how they vet and select products, how they inform and educate their clients and how they incorporate Authentic Luxury into their work. Mally Skok, of Mally Skok Design, Boston, will share her experiences in interior design but also her work in proprietary wallcovering and fabric design. Lisa Mende, of Lisa Mende Design, will host in Atlanta, discussing her work incorporating bespoke products and vintage antiques into her designs. Amy Vermillion, of Amy Vermillion Interiors, will speak in Miami about layering spaces with items collected from travels around the world. Jonathan Rachman, of Jonathan Rachman Design, San Francisco, will share his background in hotel management and how that experience introduced him to boutique hospitality design and the importance of incorporating Authentic Luxury into these very special resort and boutique properties. Lisa Mende Principal, Lisa Mende Design Lisa Mende is known for her luxury interiors which are modern yet have a sense of heritage. Her portfolio includes historic preservation to new construction as well as commercial design. ATLANTA The ROHL ® Auth Lux® Designer Guild was formed to inspire and educate designers, architects and other industry influencers about authentic luxury . In the spirit of European Master Guilds, the ROHL® Auth Lux ® Guild represents the masters of design and craft. PAM DANZIGER MIAMI BOSTON SAN FRANCISCO Introducing the 2018 Auth Lux Guild Mally Skok Principal, Mally Skok Design Mally Skok is a South African-born designer who has run a residential and small commercial interior design firm since 1997. She launched her own fabric and wallpaper line in 2008. Amy Vermillion Principal, Amy Vermillion Interiors Amy Vermillion is one of the Southeast's leading interior designers. She is known to have an eye for detail that makes the interiors she designs unique and fresh. Jonathan Rachman Principal, Jonathan Rachman Design Jonathan Rachman brings an international story to all of his work. Born in Sumatra, he is one of the Bay Area's most celebrated interior designers. For more on what makes Authentic Luxury and the upcoming summits, visit . Circle No. 27 on Product Card

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