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AUG 2017

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The Kitchen Bible Now in its Second Printing! Five Star Reviews on Amazon! Don't Design Your Kitchen Without It By M. Rosenberg Beautifully written, exquisite photos, and thoughtful, practical guidance to the terrifying guidance to the terrifying task of renovating a kitchen. Absolutely an essential tool. Don't Start A Kitchen Renovation Without This Book By C. Juestel By C. Juestel A beautifully written and well illustrated bible for anyone thinking about taking on a kitchen remodel. Don't start a new kitchen without it! It is also the perfect gift It is also the perfect gift for someone dreaming or thinking of renovating their kitchen. Fabulous Book! by Erica This book is well-written and can speak to the and can speak to the consumer in detail about a great kitchen design. Easy to understand and wonderful photographs to go along with each section of the book. I especially loved Chapter especially loved Chapter 3's "Top 12 Design Questions" and Chapter 7's images as well as family-friendly hubs. Stunning Kitchen Design Guide By Kathryn I'm usually intimidated/ overwhelmed by designer tomes, but this one is different---a fresh, clear, approachable guide to a approachable guide to a more beautiful and functional kitchen. Beguiling cover and inspiring photos. This book is so much more than its beautiful photographs of kitchens photographs of kitchens By C. Welleson Homeowners can become experts PRIOR to beginning their kitchen remodeling. Purchase your autographed copy at our showroom. 6935 Wisconsin Avenue, Chevy Chase, MD 20815 | 301-657-2500 | Also serving the Eastern Shore and the beaches: Bethany, Fenwick, and Rehoboth. Beautifully photographed, very well written By B. Matthews An absolute must before a kitchen remodel!! Beautifully photographed, very well written, and very well written, and loaded with inspirational ideas. Even if you are not re-doing your kitchen, a wonderful coffee table book for your reading pleasure! Beautifully written - Beautifully written - awesome photographs illustrate every style of decorating... By S. Pelleyon If you are considering a kitchen remodeling project - or building a new home/new kitchen, this book is a must! Read this before you call the contractor! By E. Harrison In clear simple prose In clear simple prose and with smashing photographs, "The Kitchen Bible" lays out what you need to know. The authors explain style, materials and design and how they all work and how they all work together with the rest of the house. That's called 'flow.' This is the "go to" kitchen book for everyone! By S. Van Raalteon Where was this book Where was this book when I was doing each of my three kitchens? My life would have been so much easier and my kitchen would have been so much more beautiful and practical. and practical. An inspiring book By X.A. Urbanon As an architect, I highly recommend this book. It covers everything in the kitchen design process, from demolition process, from demolition to selecting cabinet hardware handles. The stunning photos are a pleasure themselves.

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