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AUG 2017

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Labradorite was chosen for the countertop surface for its durability. "Countertops are such hard-working surfaces," she says. "In my experience, the horizontal surfaces in a kitchen tend to be collecting spaces, whether that's stains, dirt, dust, etc. Everything lands on the horizontal surfaces." Choosing Labradorite in this kitchen also offers color tones that work well with other components in the kitchen, she con- tinues. "This material is also often associated with jewels, and its iridescent sparkle adds glamour without being too loud," she adds. The centrally located walnut table ties in with other walnut elements within the space, including the interior of the cabinet above the refrigerator. The floor is also stained a walnut color. "The wood table provides for comfortable seating compared to natural stone surface, which can be cold," she says. Huddleston enjoys the creativity associated with projects such as this kitchen. "Thank goodness we aren't all the same," she exclaims. 'It would be a pretty dull place without the myriad choices available. Sometimes clients come to me with specific materials or elements they want incorporated, rather than just what's popular and what everyone else is doing. I prefer it when people want to infuse some personality, or a memory from a vacation or something that is important to them and their family…rather than making it generic and whatever HGTV tells them they should do." HEIDI HUDDLESTON, CKD Delicious Kitchens & Interiors, Charleston, SC Islands and their accompanying countertops don't always need to be traditional shapes, as evidenced in this kitchen designed by Heidi Huddleston in collaboration with Newman and Associates/ Paul Mansback with Leslie Rifkin and Emily Shakra. Additional contributions were made by the homeowners and Belisle Granite. Huddleston's clients wanted a space that provided a family-friendly seating area combined with a functional island and bar. The result is this unique, two-piece island that encircles a banquette offering seating for six on the upholstered benches and room for two more guests, one at each end. An additional four people can sit at stools on the backside of the island. "This family entertains a lot," says Huddleston. "And with all of the kids involved in sports, there is plenty of room for an entire team to hang out." Her client also has a 'business' side of the island with tons of storage and drawers and a long, straight surface with plenty of room to prepare food…all with easy access to the sink and range. Creating the unique shape required extensive planning and communication between the client and design team to ensure a precise fit atop custom cabinets, notes the designer. "Getting all of the details right was complicated," Huddleston explains. "It took a lot of back and forth communication." The centrally located, family friendly seating area in this kitchen combines a functional island with banquette and bar seating. Heidi Huddleston chose Labradorite countertops for their durability. Plus, the color tones work well with other components in the kitchen. Photo: John Hession 82 Kitchen & Bath Design News • August 2017 COUNTERTOP INSPIRATIONS

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