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AUG 2017

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FIRECLAY GENUINE NEW Fireclay Undermount Sinks WELLFLEET-3218W Go Apronless! WELLFLEET-1818W New Construction or Remodel? D O N ' T F O R G E T YO U R B R A C E S ! Hidden Supports | Low Profile Supports | Elevated Supports | Stand Off Supports Circle No. 24 on Product Card Circle No. 23 on Product Card heavily chlorinate. No one wants the swim- ming pool effect in their baths or showers when they can have purity and aromatherapy instead, and steam! "Steam showers allow homeowners the ability to enjoy the spa experience in the com- fort and privacy of their own home," comments Bailey. They are also increasing in popularity. So are toilets with built-in bidet seats, she comments. "The trend has been slowly building over the past few years. Customers enjoy the experience of using a bidet abroad and want to bring that exp erience home." Not necessarily having the space for a separate toilet and bidet has given rise to the toilet with bidet function- ality. There are also bidet seats available from several manufacturers for use on existing toilets that can work well in smaller remodeling proj- ects. Toilets with hands-free flushing, skirted bases and self-clean features for easier mainte- nance are also gaining popularity. "We're seeing more homeowners take a holistic approach to health and wellness and they're including spa amenities, especially in the bath," Bailey adds. "They desire products that not only aid in [personal] cleaning, but also aid in their overall wellness experience." TECH-CENTRIC PLANNING The industry has seen an explosion in connected appliances and fixtures as well. While they may not seem health-related at first, they can have health-re- lated benefits. "This is a rapidly expanding area that will only increase in the future," predicts Kellett. "For now, programmable, easy-to-read thermostats are replacing the old ones, especially those you can access with your smart phone." Those make it easier for users to get their rooms to a healthier temperature level. "Those devices that you can voice activate to get information or control your lights and thermostat have very compelling uses, especially for those older or disabled," she points out. Manufacturers are also introducing bath- room mirrors that can project your health indi- cators in the mirror, as Haier did with its Smart Bath line at CES in January. Other companies are partnering with wearable lines so that even- tually your appliances will connect with your fitness trackers. They can already re-order your favorite protein shakes from Amazon! LAST WORDS Kellett believes that health-focused design will continue to expand and become more mainstream. "Just as LEED Certification has increased our awareness and use of sustain- able products, the International Well Building Institute (IWBI)'s Well Building Standard will increase our awareness of how a building can affect our wellness. Twenty percent of the popu- lation already needs help seeing, hearing, lift- ing, grasping, etc. Add to that the fragility of the very young, the elderly and those going through medical treatments that affect their immune system, and you can see how important it is for all building professionals to be able to incor- porate these features into their practice." The fact that you can improve people's health while improving their home and your profitability is just Paleo-friendly gravy! ▪ Jamie Gold, CKD, CAPS is an independent designer in San Diego, the author of New Kitchen Ideas That Work and New Bathroom Idea Book (Taunton Press), and a blogger, design journalist, seminar developer and industry consultant. Her website is Steam is also soaring in popularity for healthy showering. Toilets with bidet functionality promote healthy hygiene. Photo: Courtesy of ThermaSol; available at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery Photo: Courtesy of DXV; available at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery August 2017 • 41

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