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AUG 2017

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"Authentic luxury is not the every day; it can elevate day-to-day interaction and the whole liv- ing experience in the house," she explained. "It is also limited in supply. Not everyone can have it, and not everyone can produce it, because a lot of care is taken into crafting it." MARKETING THE BEST Marketing authentic luxury requires a two-fold approach, believes Danziger, using the scientif- ic side and the artistic side. The scientific side of design is about understanding the function- ality of a space and how it can truly enhance people's lifestyles, while the artistic side is about creating a beautiful room and satisfying the client's feelings. "Marketing is now about the four E's: the experiences you deliver the customer; exchang- ing with them for the value you have to offer; evangelism and word of mouth to get new clients; and every place because we now interact with customers from everywhere through the use of electronics and media," she observed. And, though every customer has a budget, Danziger believes designers can push that budget by telling the story of authentic luxury and explaining its value. "Today, clients are in constant search for value. They want authentic luxury, they can afford authentic luxury and they're looking for superb design, details and quality," she reported. "But, if they don't see it imme- diately, if it's not explained to them, they will always opt for the cheaper product." Today, selling luxury is not what it was just a decade ago. Whereas it used to be about conspicuous consumption, that concept has now taken on many negative values; "it's associated with elitism and with extrava- gance, and nobody wants that anymore," she stated. The new style of luxury has gone much more underground, she continued. "It's become much more practical and func- tional. It is authentic but it's inclusive. It's much more dem- ocratic. The younger consumers have new value propositions and new motivations and new ways of shopping. So they are really disrupting the whole business of luxury as usual," Danziger said. ORIGINAL DESIGN MATTERS A panel discussion during the summit focused on the impor- tance of original design and preserving its integrity. The members of the panel acknowl- edged that, in this case, copying is not the sincerest form of flattery. As a matter of fact, it can have devastating consequences. "It does kill the luxury mar- ket when you have companies copying the product," acknowl- edged Rohl. "In today's world where anything can be duplicat- ed via technology, it is even more important for us to keep our secrets to ourselves." 24 Kitchen & Bath Design News • August 2017 DESIGN UPDATE Inspired by the elegance of natural stone with a vein cut that visually resembles wood grain, this collection offers you a stunning luxurious new look with the resiliency of engineered quartz Circle No. 14 on Product Card

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