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APR 2016

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Fascino, which means 'charm' in Italian, is the latest freestanding tub from Gessi. The minimalist design is enhanced with a bevel detail. Both the tub and a companion table are made of white matte Cristalplant, an Italian solid surface material that is UV-resistant, non-porous, recyclable and has a natural, stone-like fnish. Circle No. 177 on Product Card The freestanding Caledonia soaking tub by Thompson Traders features double-walled construction that helps maintain water temperature, while the lifetime fnish ensures that the antique copper look will be preserved. The tub showcases a simple oval design accented by the distinctive dimpling that characteriz- es a hand-hammered piece. Circle No. 178 on Product Card Jacuzzi Luxury Bath is expanding its Elara Family of hydrotherapy bath- tubs to include Drop-In/Undermount designs and three new size oferings. In addition, the contemporary Tar- getPro Jet has improved 360-degree air introduction, ofers 60 degrees of adjustment and complete shut-of. Elara is available in soaking, Pure Air, whirlpool and Salon Spa experiences. Circle No. 176 on Product Card Aquatic's Serenity 50 and Serenity 54 tubs feature a low deck height, allowing easier access for the user. The lower profle also enhances the streamlined look. The Serenity 54, shown, features a soft rectangular exterior that transitions into an oval- shaped tub foor. Because of this transition, the walls are softened and curved for a more modern design. Circle No. 179 on Product Card The Napoli tub has an oval-shaped design with one end at a reclining angle and the other upright, ofering options for bather comfort. The egg-inspired tub from Victoria + Albert is fashioned from the compa- ny's Englishcast composition of fnely ground Volcanic Limestone. Circle No. 180 on Product Card The MicroDerm Therapeutic Bath infuses bath water with millions of microbubbles for a relaxing bath. Available from Mansfeld Plumbing in the company's Swirl-way product line, MicroDerm comes in rectangu- lar, oval and corner shapes. There are 25 diferent tubs, available in white, bone, biscuit, almond, black, ice gray and British khaki. Circle No. 181 on Product Card The iSteam steam shower controller from Mr. Steam features swipe- touch technology that controls tem- perature, duration, aromatherapy, chromatherapy and music. Featuring an optional Bluetooth Audio Stream- ing System, iSteam pairs up to eight devices and four in-shower speakers. Made from glass and aluminum, it is available in black and white fnishes. Circle No. 182 on Product Card While Reyes sees the demand for smaller sizes increase, he adds that they are also seeing some demand for in-between sizes, particularly in remodels where a tub has been pulled out, but the space can't accommo- date a traditional size. As such, Aquatic has created tubs in non-tradition- al sizes, like a 63" tub for a 66" footprint, or a 69" tub to ft in a 72" space. ACCESS FOR ALL Ofering up solutions that work for everyone in the household is essen- tial. Kornowa says that the principles of Universal Design are important for both multi-generational households and homes with people who are aging and preparing to live safely in their own home as long as possible. As the population ages, there is increased demand for easily accessible or walk-in tubs. "Walk-in and low-threshold tubs are growing in popular- ity as the Baby Boomers continue to get older and have diferent needs," says Pember. L'Henaf agrees, noting that this demand is likely to grow. "Accessible tubs ofer a real solution that has as much to do with the user's comfort as it does with safety," he says. Reyes adds, "If you're designing a tub today, you want to make sure you're factoring accessibility into it." While deep tubs were more common in the past, as accessibility features are infused into more contemporary look- ing tubs, there's a move toward more shallow tubs, as well as using linear overfows to get a deeper depth without a deeper bathing wall, says Reyes. NY. "One of the top trends in steam right now is aromatherapy. Aromatherapy essential oils can help awake and stimulate, or relax and promote better sleep. By merging oil and steam, a full sensory expe- rience is created that transforms a traditional steam shower session." Additionally, she says, music and light are gaining popularity right now. "Steam shower audio systems give you the ability to play your favorite music wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet device. Chromatherapy systems imbue a steam shower session with rich color, helping to set the mood one desires." MAXIMIZING SPACE Space is at a premium, and as bathrooms trend toward smaller sizes, tubs are following suit. "Homeowners are looking for tubs that maximize soaking space in a compact size," says L'Henaf. Curved alcove tubs that provide more bathing room in a standard 5' footprint are a popular way to create a more comfortable bathing experience, he says. Wolinsky adds, "Soaking tubs have traditionally been the domain of the large master bathroom. Today, people with smaller spaces and some- what more modest budgets are looking for well-designed solutions. We are seeing consumers trying to do more with less space." Kornowa says that even in freestanding models, they are getting more requests for the 60" or 66" tubs. In response, they are releasing smaller versions of tubs that were originally designed at the 72" size. Villeroy & Boch's Aveo freestanding premium bathtub was created by designer Sebastian Conran. The tub is made of Quaryl, a material that is easy to clean, retains its high-gloss surface and retains heat, notes the company. Circle No. 175 on Product Card April 2016 • 53

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