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APR 2016

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Amerec ofers the A4 and A6 Touch Screen Steam Bath Con- trols designed for use with Smart Home systems. The low-profle, surface-mounted controls include features such as intelligent start, weekly programming, temperature and bath options (lights, fragrance, etc.) control and energy-saving function. Circle No. 169 on Product Card Clarke Products' Your Spa system combines hydrotherapy and air bath features. The system's interactive control panel allows the user to adjust settings. Standard features include: keypad with temperature sensor, LED Chromotherapy light, multiple speed heated blower, air system for a gentle massage, 9 hydro jets and 1 rotary/massage lumbar jet. Circle No. 170 on Product Card Wetstyle's Wave Bathtub is a free- standing tub that is small enough to ft in a standard 60"x30" alcove. Each model features a slot-design, hidden overfow channel to the drain, elimi- nating the need for external plumbing additions and simplifying installation. Featuring a transitional design and slim profle, the Wave is available in glossy or matte fnish. Circle No. 167 on Product Card Suggestive of the bateau-style boat, the Wakely Bateau Tub from Barclay Products is a cast iron fxture with plain metal skirt. While the inside of the tub features white enamel, the outside skirt can be fnished in a choice of Sherwin Williams colors to customize the look. Circle No. 168 on Product Card Coastal, one of three new freestand- ing tubs from American Standard, features a clean oval shape. The tub is fashioned from cast acrylic, and features a large, slotted overfow integrated directly into the tub wall, as well as a center toe-tap drain. De- signed to function as the focal point of the room, the tub is sized to ft in most standard-sized bathrooms. Circle No. 171 on Product Card Steamist's Total Sense Home Spa System provides touchscreen in-shower controls with pre-pro- grammed user profles and a mySteamist mobile app. The system also includes customizable features such as AromaSense, ChromaSense and AudioSense. It now includes the ShowerSense option, a control for customized steam and settings. Circle No. 172 on Product Card Part of Kartell by Laufen, the Kartell tub is made of SaphirKeramik, which allows for thin edges and a sleek design. Designed by Ludivica and Roberto Palomba, the tub features grooves made of Sentec, a solid surface material, with LED lights ftted for atmospheric light scenes. The ceramic surface is treated with enamels available in a range of colors. Circle No. 173 on Product Card The Bathhaus Collection by Whitehaus Collection features three new luxurious copper freestanding soaker tub models. Each Whitehaus copper bathtub is handcrafted and created with 97 percent pure copper. The three new models are available in a hammered copper and hammered bronze fnish, and completely custom- izable for drain and overfow location. Circle No. 174 on Product Card Some newer technologies are emerging as well, such as microbub- ble technology, which Pember says brings a cosmetic therapy that was not possible until recently. This technology, like Mansfeld's MicroDerm Therapeutic Bath, infuses millions of microbubbles into the bath water to help soften and exfoliate skin as the bather relaxes. Heat is also released as the microbubbles burst, helping to keep the bath water warmer longer. CUSTOM ENHANCEMENTS Along with achieving exactly the right therapeutic balance, a wide range of features must be available to enhance the bath, steam or sauna. The biggest trend in this area is allowing for the ability to pick and choose exactly what will bring the user the most personal comfort and relaxation. "What leads this category is the ability to tailor the bathing experience to what you as the bather want to feel, smell, see, experience. Bathing is very personal. It is important for consumers to customize their experi- ences for the ultimate enjoyment," says Jastrow. Comfort is also a factor, and adding integrated lumbar support, molded arm rests and pillows, and heated bathing surfaces are all options that have seen increased interest. Chromatherapy is pretty standard now, according to Reyes, as it's one of the best ways to provide the "Zen experience" people crave. The LED lights used are now more dense than before, creating more intense light experiences. In steam, options are equally as important, according to Martha Orellana, v.p. of marketing & sales at Mr.Steam in Long Island City, means sitting in a quiet soak, for others a direct targeted massage, and for many others, there is a cross between the experiences," says Jastrow. Integrating multiple technologies into one bath to customize the experi- ence is on the rise. This might include sound, lighting, heated surfaces and a combination of water and air jets. Kornowa says the combination of water and air bath therapies tends to be used when people are looking to establish their master bath as a true in-house spa and sanctuary. When diferent users have diferent needs, they will order a tub that can be used in a wide range of ways, he notes. Sometimes, bathers want a simple soaking experience. "Customers are looking for a clean design and natural, simplistic beauty in their soak- ing tubs," says Wolinsky. Along with increased interest in soaking tubs, there are some options emerging that cater to the need for quieter, more soothing therapy. Last year, MTI launched its Stream Bath, which ofers a gentle experience completely unlike a whirlpool or air bath, Kornowa says. Rather than us- ing jets, the Stream Bath uses vents to move water without a direct impact on the body. "The whole thing is designed to replicate the serenity that you would experience sitting in a forest stream," says Kornowa. Reyes says that Aquatic is having success with systems that eliminate the typical noise associated with a whirlpool or air bath. The frm's Drift Bath uses a pump that has water fow through the motor, bufering the sound and using the heat energy generated to maintain temperature. 52 Kitchen & Bath Design News • April 2016 PRODUCT TREND REPORT

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