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APR 2016

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open living space. While a powder room will certainly be a separate area, the master bathroom might be incorporated par- tially into the bedroom, or share space with the master closet. Additionally, prospective clients might plan on renovating their entire new environment – and being able to work with just one professional on the entire "interior architecture – all the hard surfaces" portion of the project (rather than being asked to work with several designers) will be considered a plus. I think it is a good business extension: The kitchen and bathroom specialist has all of the trade specialists on-site already, and is a woodworking expert because of their cabinet experience. So, consider expanding the design proposal to look at the entire space. Here are several ideas that might be helpful to you. Idea #1: Compensate for the limited natural light that may stream into the entire condominium. LED lighting systems are so sophisticated that they can be easily used in multiple locations to increase the lighting levels in the space. Idea #2: Be aware of the need to maximize air circulation. Adding overhead ceiling fans in as many rooms as possible will help air movement in the new condominium, which may not have operable windows, or ones that are only opened infrequently. the building has a loading dock: Can you place a dumpster there for a limited time? Does the building have refuse containers you can use? Where to keep molding, cabinetry and appliances as they arrive must be settled ahead of time! Note that it is not a good idea for your client's possessions to be delivered to their new home until all of the work has been completed. The workers need the open living spaces for staging immediate work, for setting up saws and such. Once the designer has presented a preliminary estimate to the prospective client so everyone understands the additional time, efort and money it will take to work in a condomini- um environment, it is time to start planning the new living environment! MAXIMIZING SPACE Next up is the aesthetic challenge of maximizing the overall perceived visual space of a smaller living area that may have few windows providing natural light. The third challenge – which is also a great business oppor- tunity – is for the kitchen and bathroom specialist to con- sider moving beyond the limited focus on these two rooms. Oftentimes in condominiums, the kitchen is part of one great, Removing a wall completely can be a mechanical challenge. Note the post leading from the mid-high pedestal cabinet that houses pantry and ovens: This is where all of the pipes and wires are. One of the dilemmas in any open kitchen is how to conceal soiled dish- es when dinner is fnished but the party goes on. An intriguing use of a television lift system solved the problem in this kitchen. Most of the time, the kitchen is open to the living space. When a dinner party is planned, the guests look at a piece of art, rather than a stack of soiled dishes. Photos: Courtesy of Häfele America Co., April 2016 • 43

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