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APR 2016

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fnd out during the estimating phase if the unit has its own water shut-of, or if part of the building – or the entire building – will lose its water source during the plumbing work needed for your new design. Note that you should not even think of working in a high- rise building if you do not have all of the proper insurance certifcates and required permits to post on the jobsite! INSTALLATION DIFFERENCES The overall estimated time to complete work in a condomini- um setting will be greater than in any freestanding home. Here are some reasons why. • There may be restrictions on the months of the year workers can be on site, as well as days of the week and time of day that work can be underway. • There will be a long path for the installation crew to travel from their vehicles to the actual work space, which will involve common areas that must be protected as well as elevators that must be reserved – and protected. • Where you can plan a staging area and how you dispose of trash or store items on their way to be recycled is some- thing to discuss with the building manager or "super." If Make sure the client carefully considers the need for both a tub and shower in the master bathroom. A larger shower may be possible if the tub is eliminated. (Remember: A custom pan with a carefully detailed drain location may be needed if the existing drain location cannot be moved.) Use sliding shower doors, not hinged. Plan a toe rest if a bench will not ft in the shower. Be aware of interesting shower 'chairs' now available. Photos: Courtesy of Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry,, and Kohler Co., Sliding doors separate the bedroom from the master closet. The second frosted glass door of the same confguration separates the closet from the master bathroom. Photos: Courtesy of Metrie, Although not shown, a ceiling-mounted shower curtain has been installed. The artwork goes into storage when a guest plans on using the shower; otherwise, the tub/shower area is reserved for a pleasant soak in the tub. A combination toilet and bidet fxture is an excellent piece to recommend to a mature client. A 'wellness center' is created here by using an under-sink cleaning caddy. The original inexpensive hollow core and metal six-panel doors were replaced with a much simpler fat-panel square Craftsman style. A touch of glamour was added by the dramatic doors leading into the master suite: double doors that – when open – combine all of the living spaces. 42 Kitchen & Bath Design News • April 2016 DESIGNER'S NOTEBOOK

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