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APR 2016

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LED lighting  — "LED lighting is catching on like wildfre for multiple things, not just undercabinet lighting. Now we're seeing its extensive use in cabinets and crown moulding. I'm designing a home now that is 'Mediterranean meets Versace' where we're doing a traditional crown moulding detail around the room with a light cove in the moulding. The ceilings are still fat, but with LEDs being so small and in long strips and sections, we can tuck them into a small light rail moulding and provide lighting at the ceiling to showcase the crown while providing a contemporary glow." REGIONALLY DEFINING TREND Rustic contemporary  — "We are taking rustic materials, such as barn siding, and using them in a more contemporary fash- ion, such as a wall treatment." DESIGN INFLUENCES Travel  — "My clients are especially infuenced by the hospi- tality industry. They want the same type of experience in their home as they have had at a nice spa." CHRISTOPHER ARDREY, OWNER/DESIGNER CHRISTOPHER'S BATHS & KITCHENS • ENGLEWOOD, CO TOP DESIGN TRENDS Freestanding tubs  — "While freestanding tubs are probably popular everywhere, they are here to stay for a while. Almost every day I meet with clients who talk about taking out their tub decks to gain back some space." Contemporary design  — "This market has been traditional for quite a while, but now we're seeing the swing toward contem- porary. With the downtown revitalization and a younger crowd moving in, we're seeing more European infuences with slab doors and a more modern design feel. We've actually taken on a new line of German cabinets as a result." Outdoor kitchens  — "We're seeing more interest in outdoor kitchens, even for this market, because of our good weather and temperate springs and falls. We are actually showing a line of outdoor cabinets, and we're working on creating an outdoor setting for our people to enjoy as well as for presentation." REGIONALLY DEFINING TREND Steam saunas/showers  — "Heated foors are defnitely popu- lar here with our climate, and since it is dry as well, it's a great environment for steam saunas/showers." ALAN HILSABECK, CMKBD, RID, NCIDQ, PRESIDENT/CREATIVE DIRECTOR HILSABECK DESIGN ASSOCIATES • FLOWER MOUND, TX TOP DESIGN TRENDS Transitional design style  — "We're semi-traditional here…not quite contemporary, but we're moving more toward it with painted cabinetry, simple door styles and porcelain, which can be used on countertops as well as shower walls because of its thin profle. We're also taking traditional materials such as Negro Marquina and Carrara and using them in contem- porary patterns. "I consider Dallas to be the third coast, and about fve years behind the design curves. But East and West Coast companies are starting to move in and they're bringing their architectural design infuences with them, so we're seeing more of a swing toward contemporary." Greige  — "The blending of gray and beige tends to be popular …in a variety of shades from light to dark." Christopher Ardrey gets requests nearly every day for bathroom designs with freestanding tubs. Today's kitchens are showcasing more 'masculine touches' – a result of the trend toward men becoming increasingly in- volved in the design process, as seen in this Tuscan-style kitchen designed by Gary White, CMKBD, CID. Photo: Larry Falke Photo: Virtuance Photography 38 Kitchen & Bath Design News • April 2016

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