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APR 2016

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Transitional design — "Overall I see a movement toward transitional design styles. We're about 30 minutes south of Philadelphia where it's more contemporary, but this subur- ban area is more transitional. White and variations of white are still popular, as is a combination of white perimeters and dark islands." REGIONALLY DEFINING TREND Anticipated downsizing  — "What I hear a lot, especially from baby boomers, is a desire for updates for resale. People are looking to downsize in the next fve to seven years. Their kitch- ens may be 20 to 25 years old and they realize the importance of updated kitchens and baths." DESIGN INFLUENCES Appliances  — "There is a big emphasis on appliances, and they often drive our designs. People are very interested in professional-style appliances, so we often start by asking about cooking equipment. If someone is looking for a single oven with four burners, the dynamics of the kitchen will be difer- ent than if they are looking for six or eight burners, two wall ovens and a steam oven." LESLIE COHEN, CKD, CID, ASID, AID LESLIE COHEN DESIGN • RALEIGH, NC TOP DESIGN TRENDS Open foor plans  — "People are trying to open up their kitch- ens and baths. Rooms here are very individual and people don't want to be isolated anymore. Homes also tend to be large but, relative to their size, kitchens and baths are small. We are trying to open them up, but it can be difcult – and expensive – given some of the architecture of the homes with multiple levels and complex roof lines." Transitional design  — "My clients are still very traditional, but they are starting to move into transitional design, which really is a big deal here. Some areas of the Southeast are contempo- rary, and while my clients are moving toward a 'cleaner' look, transitional is about as far as they will go." Porcelain tile and quartz  — "I moved here from San Diego in 2013. Design is about 10 years behind what I saw in places like Los Angeles because people just don't have the suppliers available to them. But companies are beginning to move here and this area is growing like crazy, so we are now starting to see materials other markets have had for a while, such as porcelain and quartz." This California bath designed by Leslie Cohen is a favorite of her North Carolina clients who love its transitional design, which features porcelain tile and a backsplash that is a mix of stone and glass. Homes in Joseph Giorgi's area were often built with very segmented rooms and, as such, his clients now want to remove walls to create more open, adaptable foor plans and allow for more natural light. Larger, and often multilevel, islands are trending with Joseph Giorgi's clients, as these can more easily accommodate a multitude of functions as well as provide extra seating. Photo: Thom Thompson Photography Photo: Stuart Watson Photography Photo: Ed Gohlich, Ed Gohlich Photography April 2016 • 35 REGIONAL DESIGN TRENDS

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