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APR 2016

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At what point in the design process do you work out the lighting plan? When do you discuss it with your clients and specify the fxtures? Do you do it yourself or work with a lighting specialist? Regardless of sequence or source, it's crucial to factor lighting into your plans and budgets. A well-lit kitchen and bath is a safer, more attractive and functional space. Here are some of the lighting trends you'll want to consider this season. LEDS DOMINATE If you attended KBIS in January, you saw LEDs everywhere on the show foor. They're being used in both kitchens and baths, decoratively and func- tionally. LEDs have become especially important to California designers, given the state's most- stringent-in-the-nation energy requirements. "Many of the projects we work on have all LED lighting in the kitchens," says Erica McNicholas with KGM Architectural Lighting in El Segundo, CA. "LED lighting is the biggest trend in residential kitchens we're seeing today," the lighting designer adds. It's being driven not just by building codes, she says, but by homeowners wanting to be environmen- tally responsible and save money. Fortunately, there are a lot more choices for her – and you – to consider in every lighting category. Manufacturers like Studio Italia Design USA are making sure of it. "The growth of the LED market is incredi- ble, and one of the most important factors about LEDs is that they are becoming smaller and smaller while still delivering excellent illumi- nation," shares David Weisinger, Studio Italia USA's president. "Smaller drivers mean that LEDs can be built into more compact fxtures. "The design options are tremendous now, where you were limited with bigger drivers [in the past]," he notes. Designers are defnitely taking advantage of that. "Recessed down lights are no longer only six-inch round diameters, but can be as small as two inches in diameter. Trims can also be plastered fush with the ceiling, making them virtually disappear," McNicholas says. "At the speed in which technology is advancing, we expect to see LEDs completely replace most traditional light sources," she predicts. McNicholas sees LEDs becoming even more efcient, more compact, more attractive and better at dimming. "LEDs have a bad reputation of being 'too blue' and 'too cold.' Manufacturers are tackling that stigma by ofering various color temperatures of light. There are LED products out on the market that truly mimic incandescent sources by getting warmer as they dim down, or have technology that enables users to adjust color of the fxture," the lighting designer adds. Michael Murphy, Interior Design & Trends Producer for Lamps Plus, shares that LEDs are not only getting more technologically advanced, they're getting more afordable. "As with any technology, the more widely available and utilized, the lower the cost. As more people become educated to the benefts, interest grows and the industry responds with a more attainable price tag." DIGITAL AND STYLISH There's another huge trend tied into LEDs' exploding popular- ity: connectivity. "LEDs will continue to light the way with style options, technology, energy Lighting Trends for the Kitchen & Bath BY JAMIE GOLD, CKD, CAPS New technology is dramatically reshaping the lighting category, with smaller LEDs that provide more fexible design options and the ability to adjust color temperatures of light. LEDs are showing up everywhere, including inside drawers. Small, fush recessed lights and a unique fxture layer kitchen lighting. Vanity sconces are a strong bath lighting trend. Sleeker switches and controls add another design element to the lighting plan. Connectivity is a growing trend in the lighting category. Photo: Rutt Photos: Legrand NA Photo: Hudson Valley Lighting Photo: KGM Architectural Lighting 28 Kitchen & Bath Design News • April 2016 TREND SPOTTING Continued

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