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APR 2016

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clients to Snow Brothers to look at other lines. After a period of taking clients to Snow Brothers, Levenson realized that the majority of them had no idea how much appliances ac- tually cost prior to starting the design process. For that reason, he decided to take on educating the community so that consumers could better budget for kitchen and bath projects. "Instead of teaching a design-specifc class, we talk about budgeting and return on investments and how much people typically spend," says Levenson. He even includes an Excel spreadsheet to break down costs and help attendees create a budget. He adds: "One of the tenets is the 15 percent rule – 15 percent of the value of a home is what people typically spend on a kitchen remodel. We then break it down: of that 15 percent, 30 percent is cabinets, 12 percent is appliances and so forth." Levenson has been teaching the class for four years. Additionally, this spring, he will be teaching an introductory 2020 design class at Virginia Marti College of Art and Design. "It was an honor to be asked to create the curriculum, and I can't wait to share a little of my knowledge with the next wave of designers," he remarks. FINAL TOUCHES Upon completion of a project, clients express appreciation in diferent ways. In the case of Levenson, he has been invited over for dinner multiple times. One client actually invited Levenson and his family over for dinner where they helped cook the meal in the new kitchen. "We mashed potatoes and cut carrots and made the casserole – it was a lot of fun. We weren't just standing around, we were working. We even put the kids to work. It was a good time," he states. "I don't usually get [to have] my family see my designs, so that was a treat." What drives Levenson as a designer is the love of seeing the fnished product. "I kind of equate it to my life with my wife: happy wife, happy life. Those are good words to live by. Happy customers make me happy, so I aim to please," he comments. "Construction can be so stressful and emotional when you are in someone's house. If they're having fun and enjoying the process, then I'm doing my job well." This master bath addition features a freestanding air tub as the centerpiece, surrounded by bay windows. Furniture-style vanities sit on each side of the tub, with a makeup area and linen cabinet providing additional storage. The walk-in shower includes a rainhead and hand sprayer, marble tiles, niches and shelves. April 2016 • 25 Circle No. 14 on Product Card

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