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Market Pulse { Readers' opinions on industry-related issues } 6 | Kitchen & Bath Design News | August 2015 G enerally, the subject of water and energy savings are not brought up. I do not bring it up as my clients are mostly retired and want comfort as opposed to efciency." Glenn Sullivan, President G.R. Sullivan Construction Inc. Bradenton, FL W ith the exception of toilets, most clients are not specifc about choosing energy-efcient appli- ances, faucets and fxtures. However, I do try to choose water- and energy sav- ing fxtures because there are so many stylish ones to choose from." Marie Frenkel, Owner/Designer DreamStyle Kitchens & Baths LLC Chappaqua, NY M ost people are unaware of the options they have to conserve water and energy. First, I always direct them to Energy Star appliances. Second I tell them about the efciency of induc- tion over gas and fnally, I guide them toward sustainable surfaces." Angela Phelan, President Phelan & Company Inc. Monroe Township, NJ W ith the overwhelming move to energy and water efciency in the products on the market today, many clients have actually stopped ask- ing and just expect their products to be efcient. The topic is brought up in the selection process of many fxtures, and with the markings in the catalogs of most of the major brands, the client feels comfortable making a safe and educated selection." Jacob Smith, Designer Starline Kitchen and Bath Flushing, MI I n my design process, I ofer suggestions regarding the [ener- gy-efcient and water-efcient] options available and how they might impact the overall design. I then leave it up to the clients to decide what is more important to them as far as water and energy us- age/savings. To some, the savings are paramount, and to others, the conve- nience and design are more important." Michael Eisen, Owner Mirage Woodworks Valencia, CA W ater-saving ideas are very im- portant, to me as well as to the customer. I will bring it up as part of the design [process], regardless [of whether or not they specifcally ask for this information]. Being proactive is a good selling help!" Thomas Taylor, Owner A. Taylor Co. Lexington, KY A t this point in time, it seems like most new appliances are rated for energy savings. Being in California, water conservation is more important than ever. As required by law, we must install efcient faucets, toilets and shower fxtures. I always make a point to mention my favorite brand for water transportation (Hansgrohe) that uses air infusion technology to conserve water while creating the water pressure that people are looking for. I explain how the air technology also reduces splashing; clients really love that!" Nicolette Patton, CKD Designer/Manager Arcata Cabinet & Design Co. Arcata, CA S ome of our clients are socially conscious about their water and power usage, but most of my very wealthy clients do not consider the cost of the amenities they desire to be a de- sign issue. I typically suggest products that perform properly, dependably and have strong aesthetic appeal. I gener- ally do not consider cost as an issue. My clients do not want to be constantly bothered by appliances [or products] that do not perform correctly when they need them." Peter Fernand, President F&G Enterprises Corpus Christi, TX S ome clients are very tuned in to that and are willing to listen to any and all suggestions about energy- saving features. Other clients want no part of it and if it happens that some- thing they choose does save energy, [they don't mind]. We make it a point to talk about energy-saving ideas and the stafs at the places we send them to view appliances, faucets, etc. also take the time to talk about it. Most ap- pliances and plumbing fxtures today have these features built into them. Go- ing above and beyond that, there are very few clients who will go the next extra steps to do more than the norm in energy savings." James Recek, Principal/Owner Recek Architects Austin, TX W ater and energy savings are quite important to our clients when designing kitchens and bath- rooms. We try to incorporate savings in these areas to add real lasting value. For example, I almost exclusively use LED lighting in these spaces. Energy- saving and efcient appliances are critical to them, and we always look at beefng up or bettering existing in- sulation when we open up walls for remodeling or additions. Water savings are more tricky – most [consumers] don't like the inconvenience of water- saving faucets and showerheads, but some manufacturers are addressing those complaints. Big, multi-person tubs are out, but "car wash" showers are still in demand!" Kathleen Donohue, Senior Designer Neal Kelly Co. Bend, OR R arely do individuals make water- or energy-based decisions due primarily to the added cost. I believe that, in general, the budget for a typi- cal client (in the U.S.) is focused upon getting the most for the least expen- diture – and the visual wins out over the functional eight out of 10 times. As a society, we are [motivated primar - ily] by appearance – what is seen, felt or experienced, rather than long-term thinking. Until such time as one is forced to accept need over want, the designer can suggest water or energy savings, but the client ultimately makes the decision based upon available mon- ey/budget." Walter Stark, Designer Sims Architectural Studio Birmingham, AL. Price Still Trumps Efciency When Selecting Products Kitchen & Bath Design News recently asked dealers and designers in the kitchen and bath industry: "How important are water and energy savings to your clients? Do they bring this up when choosing appliances, faucets and fxtures? If not, do you bring it up and/or use it as a selling point for specifc products?" What do you think? E-mail your feedback, contact information and the subject line, 'Market Pulse' with your message to

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