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AUG 2015

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44 | Kitchen & Bath Design News | August 2015 Product Trend Report for balanced options, both open and closed, manufacturers say. Ne i l s o n H o w a r d says that personal pref- erence and style trends guide the choice be- tween open and closed storage. "Open storage is ver y popular, but people generally want to have some sort of concealed storage, especially for master bath spaces," she notes, adding that, this year, Native Trails added a linen tower to the Cuzco Collection to allow for an open style with some closed storage. Larger vanities, up to 72", that include both drawers and open storage, were also added for those larger bathroom spaces. "Like cup holders in cars, consumers need places to put their towels and toothpaste. Open storage gives the ability to highlight certain items such as decorative towels, while closed storage allows one to 'hide' the items they do not want to show of, and can give a cleaner look with less efort," says Mucha. Lowe says, "The open storage provides more of a spa or hotel feel, which people like to emulate, while others do not like to see 'clutter,' so they'd prefer closed storage." Either way, she adds, "Clean and simple designs cannot be accomplished without ample storage capabilities." Space is at a premium in the bath, whether a single shared primary bath or a sprawling master suite, says Pierce. "A healthy mixture of very accessible open cabinetry and closed storage is important. Open cabi- nets are not used as much as display or focal areas in this space as they are for easy access to everyday items like towels and toiletries. Making the most of your storage can be accomplished by organization in drawers, roll-trays and inte- grated hampers to help minimize clutter and get as much foor space as possible to keep an open feel throughout," she says. Hickok believes that the choice is dependent upon the end- user, but adds that trends are leaning toward strategically placed open storage. Open spaces, such as foating vanities, foating shelves and open storage spaces, are becoming popular design elements, she adds. Roberts agrees: "A lot of consumers like to show of their bathroom products and towels, so vanities have more open storage and consumers are adding matching shelves, and side or mirror cabinets with open storage." Mayer says that storage preferences depend on vanity size, how neat the homeowners are and the home design overall, with most preferring closed storage, although he predicts open storage will become more popular in the next few years. Some manufacturers see a much larger preference toward closed vanity options. "Closed storage still rules the day, prob- ably because people don't want their bathroom items out in the open," says Giford. "And, when working with designers, the rule still seems to be that you can't ever have enough storage!" "Homeowners want their bathroom to exude calmness and serenity and, as such, folks want their accessories, lotions and cosmetics easily accessible but hidden. Closed storage makes the bathroom look de-cluttered and helps refect the relaxing and serene environment homeowners seek in their bathroom space," agrees Wolinsky. Finding the right balance is important, says Korneluk. "The trick is to provide both open and closed storage in a symmetry The artisan crafted Cuzco Vanity in Carrara from Native Trails pairs Carrara marble insets with a frame of steel that is powder coated with a matte black fnish. Available in six sizes, the vanity is also ofered with insets in Brushed Nickel and Antique Copper. Circle No. 168 on Product Card Ryvyr has expanded its Colorado bath furniture collection to include a new transitional-style design. The original, open-con- sole design is now available as a two-door cabinet with roomy interior storage and a single shelf beneath. Constructed of solid birch, both vanities are available in a new 24" width in addition to the original 30" width. Circle No. 170 on Product Card Chameleon Concepts' vanities are available in three sizes, 24", 30" and 36" and six colors: black lacquer, white lacquer, pink lacquer, nutshell, weathered ash and grey cedar. The front frame of the vanity drawer can house a wide range of inserts such as marble, tufted vinyl, mosaic, mirror, etc. The vanities can be customized through a choice of colors, inserts and box confgurations. Circle No. 167 on Product Card Laufen mixes wood and ceramic materials in its ILBAGNOALESSI One Collec- tion. New vanities with Noce Canaletto real wood veneer, or white high-gloss lacquer, pair with a white freclay washbasin to ofer a modern, asymmetrical look. The vanity features two drawers with Blum soft-close and integrated handles. Circle No. 169 on Product Card Custom cabinetry storage trends have expanded to include stylish furniture designs created for the bath, such as the one shown from Mouser Custom Cabinetry. Many of today's bath cabinets feature convenience options and embel- lishments traditionally found in kitchen cabinetry. Circle No. 171 on Product Card This custom piece from Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry showcases taller cabinets with glass doors and shelving, and full-extension pull-out drawers. These cabinets have a custom glaze fn- ish and Tapestry doors for a traditional aesthetic. The under-sink storage doors enhance this style with distinctive rounded faces. Circle No. 174 on Product Card This Harmony Vintage Maple master bath by Kountry Wood Products is a stock cabinet with numerous accessories that give it a custom look. Features include his and hers space, matching mirrors, matching interior cabinetry, utility cabinets with drawers, arch valances, butt doors and crown molding. Circle No. 172 on Product Card JSI's Trenton open-shelf vanity features an inset design in a soft ivory color. Other features in- clude 3/4" dovetail drawer boxes with full-extension, side- mount glides. Circle No. 166 on Product Card This master bath design by Jackie Balint incorporates lots of storage in its U-shape design. Featuring Crystal Cabinet Works' Woodbury door in Nutmeg on rustic cherry, with distressing and gouging, the room combines Old World and rustic touches. Custom product lines from Crystal Cabinets have the capability to produce styles from Contempo- rary, Old World, French, English and American Classics, notes the frm. Circle No. 173 on Product Card

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