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16 | Kitchen & Bath Design News | August 2015 What's App O nce a high-tech novelty, apps have become a way of life for many design professionals who go nowhere without their smart phone or tablet. Whether tracking fi- nancial expenditures, making project notes on site, organizing info or staying in touch with cli- ents, apps can lighten the work load and streamline and simplify everything from drawing and designing to ordering, pricing, tracking shipments and more. The newest manufacturer apps also help designers and their clients with a variety of functions, including comparing and visualizing diferent color combinations, custom design- ing products, fnding up-to-date product and design information and more. This month, KBDN looks at several apps of interest to kitchen and bath dealers and designers. Dacor iQ App WHAT IT IS: The Dacor iQ Remote with Voice Activation, now available for the Discovery iQ Wall Oven and Range, empowers users by giving them the freedom to customize, create and communicate with their appliance. With the Discovery iQ Remote App, home chefs have access to the preloaded cooking application and guide as well as the freedom to download any application through the Google Play Store. WHAT IT DOES: To ensure that the Discovery iQ wall oven or range is always operating at peak performance levels, Dacor utilizes Wi-Fi connectivity to provide users automatic system updates and self-diagnostics. The product also provides easy- access, remote operation and ongoing updates to gourmet recipes and video cooking demonstrations. WHO IT'S FOR: Well suited for home chefs, the Dacor iQ Re- mote ofers the ability to simply select a desired recipe from the display menu (or download one online), insert the dish and relax as the oven takes care of the rest. Upon comple- tion of the dish, the Discovery iQ Wall Oven automatically switches to a warming mode and informs the chef via text message that the meal is ready. WHY KITCHEN AND BATH DESIGNERS NEED IT: Recent industry research indicates that 58 percent of Ameri- cans use their smart phones in the kitchen some or all of the time. To address the growing needs of the busy, multi-tasking home chef with a desire for a fully connected kitchen, Dacor now enables customers to use smart phones or tablets to remotely control their Discovery iQ cooking appliances without even lifting a fnger – literally. "The Discovery iQ Wall Oven and Controller is an in- novative breakthrough," states Steve Joseph, president of Dacor. "Mobile technology continues to advance rapidly. Kitchen designers and consumers want a customized cook- ing experience and that is exactly what the Discovery iQ Wall Oven provides." AVAILABLE SINCE: Voice activation added to Dacor iQ APP on April 2, 2015 WHO MAKES IT: Dacor Inc., Los Angeles, CA PLATFORM: Supported by both Android and iOS smart phones and tablets WHERE TO FIND IT: Google Play and Apple App Store FOR MORE INFO: Visit Dacor's Web site at Laufen Bathrooms App WHAT IT IS: The LAUFEN Bathrooms app is designed as a source of knowledge to provide designers with up-to-date news, product information and inspiration for upcoming projects and endeavors. WHAT IT DOES: The LAUFEN app provides designers with up-to-date information on new products, projects and other news in the design world. This app gives users inspiration and planning support for a full bathroom concept all in one compact, fast and easy-to-use platform. The app menu also allows users to request pricing information on demand and request the latest design news and brochures via email. WHO IT'S FOR: Designers looking for the most up-to-date news and trends in bathroom design. WHY KITCHEN AND BATH DESIGNERS NEED IT: The LAUFEN bathrooms app is highly recommended for designers because it provides them with an instant and current source of knowledge about the latest products, trends and news in bathroom design. AVAILABLE SINCE: 2014 WHO MAKES IT: LAUFEN Bathrooms AG © Laufen Bathrooms AG PLATFORM: Supported by iOS Available for iPad and iPhone WHERE TO FIND IT: iTunes Store FOR MORE INFO: Visit the LAUFEN Web site at California Faucets' Virtual Faucet Creator WHAT IT IS: The Virtual Faucet Creator is a Web-based design tool that allows users to create thousands of custom bathroom faucet design combinations. WHAT IT DOES: The online tool allows us- ers to match any spout with any handle style in any of California Faucets' over 30 decorative fnishes. Simply start with one of California Faucets' faucet designs, and modify from there, or start from scratch. Then, when fnished creating a personalized faucet design, take that unique design to a California Faucets Select Dealer. Users can also email the design to a friend, or save it for future reference. WHO IT'S FOR: The Virtual Faucet Creator is ideal for designers, architects and home- owners looking to create a distinctive bath faucet design. While designers and archi- tects use the tool to meet and exceed their clients' vision with individualized faucet designs, homeowners will love the free- dom to create a design that refects their taste. It's also a great tool for commercial building contractors looking to make their projects pop. WHY KITCHEN AND BATH DESIGNERS NEED IT: The Virtual Faucet Creator provides designers and architects a uniquely fexible tool that will give them an advantage with their current clients, and help attract new ones. Meanwhile, homeowners will love im- pressing their friends and family with unique designs that make a true statement in the bath. The design and consumer communi- ties will further appreciate that, by choosing to customize a faucet from California Fau- cets, they are starting with a quality product made by artisan hands, not mass-produced. AVAILABLE SINCE: March 2008 WHO MAKES IT: California Faucets, Huntington Beach, CA PLATFORM: Major web browsers including Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. Also supported by iOS for the iPad and Android. WHERE TO FIND IT: http://www.calfaucets. com/virtual-faucet-creator FOR MORE INFO: Visit California Faucets Web site:

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