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MAR 2015

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46 | Kitchen & Bath Design News | March 2015 Product Review 1. Bosch 's Benchmark series of range hoods includes glass canopy, island or pull-out visor versions. The adjustable chimney-style hoods feature 600 CFM blowers and LCD display, and ft ceilings between 8' and 9' high. The pull-out visor hood features a 400 CFM blower. The hoods are available in 24", 30", 36" and 40" sizes, and include flters concealed behind stainless steel covers to capture and hide grease build up. Halogen lighting illuminates the work surface below. Circle No. 200 on Product Card 2. BEST 's new Cattura downdraft takes its form as a thin, retractable unit that can be installed with a cooktop as well as a free-standing range, drop-in range top, slide-in range or built-in oven with a cooktop due to its FlexBlower system. The patented VERTEX Complete Capture Design allows the Cattura downdraft to achieve up to 100 percent capture. Dual inlet ports located on the face and the top of the downdraft take in emissions eliminating odors and volatile organic compounds. When fully raised, the unit reaches 18" and can capture emissions located on any part of the cooktop. The Cattura also features an LED task light that illuminates the entire cooking surface, and includes Heat Sentry technology, which automatically detects excessive heat and adjusts the fan speed accordingly. Circle No. 201 on Product Card 3. The Wind Crest UIX series of one-piece custom inserts from CNP Industries provide both the capture area and extraction power needed for today's high-output ranges. Each insert comes complete with a powerful internal blower and with Sone ratings as low as 1.2 on its 600 CFM models and 3.5 on its 1200 CFM models. The six-speed electronic control allows the user to select precisely the amount of power needed. Other program options include a Clean Filter reminder, Delay Of and a Refresh Air cycle that helps remove stagnant air in the kitchen even when not cooking. The inserts feature centrally located electronic controls, halogen lighting and dishwasher- safe stainless bafe flters, and include an ADA-compliant RF remote control. Circle No. 202 on Product Card 4. The latest addition to the WhisperGreen line of vent fans from Panasonic Eco Products Division , the WhisperGreen Select features two new technologies, "Pick-A-Flow" and "Plug and Play," allowing for customization of the vent fan for a variety of applications. The Pick-A-Flow speed selector is available via two base models – 50-80-110 CFM or 110-130-150 CFM, and the required air fow can be achieved with the fip of a switch. Four unique Plug 'N Play modules allow for further customization, providing the ability to choose from multiple features such as multi- speed operation, motion sensor, condensation sensor and NiteGlo LED night light. Circle No. 203 on Product Card 5. Miele is introducing ventilation options that complement its new line of ranges. The new range hoods feature a dishwasher-safe bafe fltration system for grease separation and easy maintenance. To account for the increased BTUs available on the ranges, corresponding range hoods are capable of higher CFM outputs ranging from 700 to 1,100 CFM. All units have an Auto-Vent Safety Sensor that reacts to intensify the level extraction whether the unit is initially switched of or on a lower setting. The hoods are available in M Pro Stainless Steel or as an insert to be integrated into cabinetry, and range from 30" and 36" to 48". Circle No. 204 on Product Card 6. GE 's two Profle Series hood models showcase two popular styles: fat-glass canopy and full stainless steel. Features include four fan speeds, three light settings, halogen lights and LED-backlit controls. Each hood makes a sculptural statement with a European feel. Shown is the full stainless steel hood. Circle No. 205 on Product Card 7. The Retro Hoods from Big Chill are designed to match the company's ranges in color and design. The 30" hoods are made with stainless steel and have a large fltered capture that traps steam and odors. Circle No. 206 on Product Card With today's growing focus on health and wellness, consumers are increasingly concerned about the quality of the air that they breathe. In the kitchen, that means avoiding VOCs and clearing the air of cooking residue and other toxins. In the bathroom, air quality concerns encompass not just odors, but also moisture, mold and mildew. The right ventilation is critical in each of these rooms. In the kitchen, high-powered cooking appliances require strong yet energy-efcient ventilation that gets the job done. And, with the growing trend toward open-plan layouts, low noise output is especially important. Additionally, style concerns must be addressed, as ventilation hoods must blend with the design, or even act as a focal point. Whether designed to make a strong visual statement or pop up when needed and then disappear seamlessly with the push of a buttom, aesthetic concerns are a high priority, with a wide variety of choices that range from stainless steel and cool metallics to wood and glass. Colors range from clear to neutrals to bold primary colors In the bath, ventilation is usually more subtle, often with multi- purpose features, such as ventilation that integrates lighting, motion sensors or even a sound system to stream live music. Today's ventilation manufacturers are meeting these challenges with stylish designs and innovative features that look great and work even better. Ventilation Freshens Up 1 2 3 4 5 6

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