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44 | Kitchen & Bath Design News | March 2015 Product Trend Report Jenn-Air ofers a built-in steam and convection oven that features a steam-only mode, a steam-plus-convection setting, a no-preheat option and a convection bake mode. Additional cooking modes include a Preset Foods setting that makes adjustments based on the selected food category and a Steam Reheat mode. Available in Euro-style stainless, the steam ovens include trim kits for seamless installation with a Jenn-Air 27" or 30" wall oven. Circle No. 248 on Product Card Sometimes, however, simple technology works better for the consumer. "Consumers are looking for a combination of physical and digital controls," says Martin. "Full electronic panels are perceived as more modern and easy to clean, however sturdy knobs are often easier to use and more durable, which is why we look to integrate both." VISUAL APPEAL There's no doubt that stainless steel will always be a top choice in appliance fnishes. "Stainless steel is still king, and the indus- try is focusing on building the texture and fnish of metallic as accent points into appliance and kitchen design," says Martin. Davies says that stainless steel and black glass are the most prevalent fnish selections in appliances, because those colors can match any kitchen cabinet fnish. Cullen agrees that stainless remains popular, but adds that darker hues such as black are also gaining traction. More unique fnish choices are beginning to show up as well, adding a pop of color that turns the cooking appliance into an accent piece or focal point. "Consumers and designers are using a bold color for the anchor cooking product for the kitchen," says Tyler. Bertazzoni says, "Cooking appliances are always the focal point in every kitchen, but we see them becoming more inte- grated in the cabinetry in terms of lines and proportions." Clean design is important for balanced beauty, she adds. "A vibrant color can add a touch of personality; the rhythm of few ovens in a wall can generate harmony in a space; lines, radius, a precious fnish can create emotion," she says. "We were not surprised de- signers love black, but the big surprise is they love warm, vibrant colors, too, like Arancio (orange) and Rosso (red)," she adds. Henry says that there is a strong return to color – and not one particular color, but any color, depending on the consumer's personal taste. "People want true 'personalization,' not a few op- tions," he says. "We have developed the DacorMatch Color System to allow our clients to choose what- ever their eye desires." he adds. "Entirely new cooking technologies from commercial kitchens are being introduced," he adds. Though advances in technology can't always be seen, they are behind everything in modern cooking appliances, says Bertazzoni. "Ovens are managed by power boards and chips to allow precision in control and the achievement of perfect results. Constant feedback is given through modern interfaces that look like smartphones." The complex technology is kept behind the scenes inside the product for Bertazzoni, allowing the user to interact with the appliance in the easiest, most intuitive way, she says. Technology must improve the user's experience, allowing for fexibility and high functionality. Technologies that keep oven doors cool, and unique cooking functions that enable hassle- free cooking are important, as are premium valve controls on gas cooking that allow for better temperature control, says Davies. "Digital controls simply provide a more user-friendly way to interact with the product," he adds. "Of-appliance control enabled by apps and touchscreens is becoming more popular," says Cullen. He points to the FutureHAUS, presented by the Virginia Tech Center for De- sign Research, as an interesting look at how technology is incorporated into the kitchen. Jenn-Air was a key supporter of this conceptual display, which is part of a research project exploring manufacturing strategies and the greater integra- tion of technology with architecture to enhance the industrial production of smart homes, he notes. "The resulting kitchen concept explores how technology can be used to enhance user experience throughout the kitchen," Cullen adds. "Ideas include everything from a camera that monitors cooking in the oven to a gesture that can be used to open cabinets and appliances." At Bosch, says Kenny, they believe that technology should be used to enhance well-designed products. For instance, the company's AutoProbe feature takes the guesswork out of cook- ing meats to the appropriate temperature, and EcoChef uses residual heat in the cavity to complete the cooking process, working in conjunction with the meat probe, to save energy with optimal cooking results. LG Studio's 30" Electric Induction Cooktop from LG Electronics features SmoothTouch Controls for ease of operation and a sleek look. The 100% induction cooktop features an induction bridge element that joins the two left elements of the cooktop to evenly heat longer pans and griddles. Circle No. 246 on Product Card Samsung has evolved its Flex Duo Oven Range with the introduction of Dual Door. The new door technology ofers two doors that have been integrated into one range to provide three cooking confgurations. Circle No. 253 on Product Card Fireview cookstoves from Elmira Stove Works include the Fireview viewing door, high-efciency burn with secondary air, and glass-wash, antique or country styling and optional propane side burners. The Fireview is available in three models, including a 36" wood-burning stove, 48" stove with a second warmer on the right and a work surface above, and 48" unit with second warmer and two 11,000 BTU propane burners on the right side. Circle No. 251 on Product Card Miele 's Range series is ofered in 30", 36" and 48" widths, in All Gas, All Electric, Induction and Dual Fuel, with Clean Touch Steel front that resists fngerprints and smudges. The fagship 48" Dual Fuel model features a fully functioning convection oven, speed oven, warming drawer and up to 8 burners. The cooktop is also available with the M Pro Grill or M Pro Infrared Griddle. The convection oven includes features such as MasterChef and MasterChef Plus, with over 100 semi-automatic culinary programs and 15 fully automatic bread programs, respectively. The M Pro dual stacked burner system provides TrueSimmer capability. Moisture Plus technology also introduces bursts of steam during the cooking process. Circle No. 252 on Product Card With the Evo Afnity 30G Gas Cooktop, foods can be prepared directly on the cooking surface. The 30G has a 30" diameter ceramic clad steel cook surface heated underneath by inner and outer gas tube burners. Circle No. 250 on Product Card The 24" Drop Down Oven is the latest addition to Fagor America 's line of Stainless Steel European style convection ovens. Included within this new addition are 10 cooking programs, a detailed LCD touch screen and a Cold Safety Door. A third heating element surrounds the convection fan to circulate pre-heated air evenly throughout the interior of the oven. Circle No. 249 on Product Card Fisher & Paykel Appliances ofers a line of 30" ranges that includes four diferent models: induction cooktop with electric oven, gas cooktop with electric oven, electric cooktop with electric oven and gas cooktop with gas oven. At 3.6-cu.-ft. capacity, the ranges include full-functionality ovens with options such as convection bake, bake, fan bake, broil, convection broil, self clean, warm, defrost and light. Circle No. 247 on Product Card The Gaucho Grill from Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet is an Argentinian-style grill that uses a wheel/cable to raise and lower the cooking surfaces and regulate cooking temperatures. All cooking is done over a wood fre. Circle No. 245 on Product Card

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