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MAR 2015

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March 2015 | | 27 seek the most stylish ways to include them in their projects. MANUFACTURER SIDE As reported from the recent Design & Construction Week, Kohler, Moen and TOTO were all showing of safe- ty and accessible features with their new lines. This makes it easier for designers who want to create master suites that evoke resort spas, rather than rehab hospital rooms. Brands like Great Grabz, Rohl and Jaclo also serve this need with upscale oferings you wouldn't hesitate to specify for a luxury project. The growing availability and popularity of sophisticated cabinetry accessories also aids accessibility. For example, homeowners no longer have to get on their aging knees with a fash- light to fnd something in the back of a corner cabinet, or bend stif backs to get into the lower shelf of a pantry. A deep roll-out tray or swing-out unit will make that a problem of the past. These are also proftable up-sells for the designer and cabinet dealer. Induction cooktops also assist the older homeowner in multiple ways. First, it's easier to clean than a pro-style gas cooktop, and this can help the client with arthritis, fatigue or vision impairment, as well as the runner wanting to spend his time do- ing speed drills, not scrubbing burner grates. Second, it doesn't convey heat when there isn't a pot or pan sitting on it, so a memory-challenged user who forgets to turn it of will be less likely to get hurt. (Humidity-sensing vent fans in the bathroom also help with memory issues.) Third, induc- tion makes it faster to get dinner on the table, and every schedule juggler values that convenience. Convection/steam ovens can also help in this regard, and ofer a much healthier cooking option for the busy, athlete-at-home client. They, too, showed up as a growing trend in the NKBA report. LAST WORDS By changing the conversation from ag- ing to accessibility or athleticism, you empower your clients to feel comfort- able with the best features available for their lives and homes. You can also enhance your proftability with revenue-rich products and new project ideas like elevators and ftness rooms. Consider partnering with specialists in these areas for best results, as you would with a technology consultant for home automation and entertainment. Jamie Gold, CKD, CAPS, is an indepen- dent designer in San Diego, the author of New Kitchen Ideas That Work (Taunton Press), and a blogger, design journalist, seminar developer and in- dustry consultant. She is also a Boomer who participates in obstacle course races, triathlons, endurance events and other weekend warrior past-times. Cabinet accessories add accessibility to your projects. Humidity-sensing vent fans help with respiratory and memory issues. Induction cooktops are aging-in-place friendly. Photo: Hafele America Co. Photo: Broan Nu-Tone Photo: Bosch Home Appliances

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