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MAR 2015

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March 2015 | | 21 better value or a good start- er product. But that's not the case most of the time when higher-priced items are com- pared to lower-priced items. Even though consumers have access to pricing information, few will come to your show- room understanding why one product costs $500 and a similar looking product has a $1,000 price tag. W hen consumers a re presented only one option, especially products with premium price tags, they are hesitant to buy. However, Mo- chon discovered that when a choice is available, consum- ers are comfortable pulling the purchasing trigger. Consumers want choices, but not too many of them, be- cause when consumers stare at a wall of faucets or 24 dif- ferent cabinet knobs, they get confused and can't process diferences. Conversely, too few options create similar purchasing reticence. Even if consumers fnd something they like and want to buy, they may be reluctant to make a fnal decision without considering other options. Choices can be confus- ing and exhausting, but a carefully selected offering can also reduce buying anxi- ety by providing clues that eliminate stress and create comfort zones. And this is the real opportunity for savvy showrooms and sales profes- sionals. Their role is not to provide more information but to curate the information that customers relate to. That's why Daniel Pink writes in To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others , "In the new world of sales, being able to ask the right questions is more valuable than produc- ing the right answers." When customers come to the showroom armed with mountains of research, sales professionals should lead frst with their ears, then with their mouths and guide cus- tomers to the best options. Showroom customers are looking for professional guid- ance. They want their hands held. They want to be assured their decisions are good ones. With so many choices available to customers, they are looking for showroom professionals to relieve their anxiety and to create comfort levels that make purchase decisions easy and enjoyable. Your role is to simplify the process. That is not a service that Internet sites can provide. Sarah Jenkinson serves as the U.S. Agent for Barber Wilsons/ Sterlingham. The UK-head- quartered company has been manufacturing faucets, shower systems and other plumbing fxtures for more than a cen- tury. Jenkinson also serves as the immediate past president of the DPHA. I 508.760.1140 Mobile Design EZ Production Epic combo. Go straight from 3D custom design to CNC with KCD Commander. It's easy, fast, reliable and won't need a special "Machine Operator" to run. Plus, our CNC Experts will help get you up and running on your CNC machines, guaranteed. Busy in the shop? Send your 3D designs from your tablet, laptop or PC directly to Cabinotch ® for precision-sized face-frame cabinets shipped straight to you for quick assembly and custom finishing. The Cabinotch ® Design Library is included in KCD Software. Cabinotch ® Design and build cabinets traditionally with KCD Software. Just put in your favorite joinery and building methods and design your kitchens, baths, entertainment centers, closets and more. KCD Builder generates accurate cut lists based on your preferences as well as beautiful 3D renderings for your clients. Designed by cabinet makers, it is intui- tive, easy to use and easy to add Pricing or CNC later. Free technical support and training. Traditional CNC One innovative software. + Design and Build Custom Cabinets and Closets Circle No. 13 on Product Card

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