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44 | Kitchen & Bath Design News July 2014 Product Trend Report Accuride ofers a wide range of slides that speaks to this de- mand, Kearns notes. Shari McPeek, marketing manager for Rev-A-Shelf LLC in Jefersontown, KY, says her company is also seeing a need for accessories for frameless cabinets emerge. "Mostly used in Europe, frameless cabinets are starting to gain acceptance in the U.S." Another increasing demand is for products that are not just functional, but also attractive, she adds. Dave Hall, owner of Glideware LLC based in Grand Junction, CO, says, "The market is begging for organization of cookware." People have long accepted the limited options for storing cook- ware, he explains, from moderately priced kitchens to the high end. The best option, a double pull-out drawer, didn't address the two important functions of protecting cookware and ac- cessibility. The Glideware pan organizer, with seven hooks for storing pans and lids, was created to fll a need in Hall's own home, he says, noting that the product protects cookware, in- creases storage capacity, is fexible to consumer needs (since hooks can be added or removed easily), is sustainable, is made in the U.S. and improves accessibility. Wine storage is becoming more important as interest in wine explodes, says Charles Malek, president/owner of VintageView Wine Storage in Denver, CO. "Wine storage has increased synonymously with the wine industry," he says. As with other accessories that have gained ground as kitchens have become more multifunctional, he says, "wine storage is keeping up with the trends and it's becoming more of a standard instead of the exception." Rather than storing wine away in dark cellars, people are incorporating it into their kitchens. "It's less of a destination, and more a part of your everyday use," Malek explains. Label forward wine storage is more aesthetically ap- pealing, adding more physical and mental engagement with the wine, Malek adds. MAXIMIZING SPACE & FUNCTION Space is at a premium in the kitchen, and every inch counts. "Designers are on the lookout for ways to tuck storage solutions into a variety of places in the kitchen," says Kearns. "Vertical spice racks or slide-out boards used to mount utensils take advantage of narrow spaces that are too small to store dishware or appliances. Drawers installed in the toe kick space under cabinets are another example where space can be maximized. Installed with a touch-release slide, access is achieved by press- ing on the drawer front with your foot." She adds that creative design and fttings are vital in allowing consumers to take full advantage of the space they have available. Functionality and aesthetics play an important role as de- signers strive to fnd the most creative and well planned use of the space possible. Tripp notes that a lot of design is going on inside the cabinets as well as on the outside, with much thought going into how the interior space is organized. "Interior cabinet design has taken a more prominent role to support both the design as well as the total life of the kitchen, especially as it relates to Universal Design, and supporting all users in the space," he says. The Lavido pantry system that Hafele in- The ArciTech drawer system from Hettich provides smooth running action via the Actro slide, as well as soft closure. The system features slides in three loading categories - 88, 132 and 176 lbs. - with high lateral stability and minimal sag, notes the company. Using one and the same side profle, drawers and pull-outs can be produced in diferent heights and design forms, in a choice of White, Silver and Anthracite. Circle No. 165 on Product Card The LeMans II from Hafele America Co. is a cabinet interior shelving system designed for corner cabinets. The system comes out easily, turns and swings right and left to bring cabinet contents into the open, making it easy to access up to 55 lbs. of stored materials. LeMans is available with Champagne or Chrome surrounds and maple or white trays. Circle No. 166 on Product Card Task Lighting's Angle Power Strip is featured in the company's small profle AP Series and the tamper-resistant TR Series. The power strip fts inside the cabinet face frame or under a countertop lip, which allows for a clean, uninterrupted backsplash. Circle No. 164 on Product Card Omega National Products' line of KitchenMate products features the Single and Double Waste Recycle Pullouts designed with a Grade-A maple veneer faced plywood frame. The pullouts' ball bearing slides ensure long-term durability, easy cleaning and smooth operation, according to the frm. The Double Pullout is designed for 18" base cabinets and the Single Pullout is designed for 15" base cabinets, which features a rear slot for bag storage. Both units are fully adjustable, and include a vanity panel and the 35-qt. receptacles. Circle No. 163 on Product Card Born out of the original round series, this second generation square trash liner from Doug Mockett & Co. makes for an easier, cleaner installation into the countertop. The new square trash liner is available in Polished or Satin Stainless steel in two sizes – 6" or 8" square, with 1", 3" or 6" depths. Circle No. 167 on Product Card Custom stainless spice drawer inserts from Bradco Stainless Products feature stainless ramps that are ftted into a custom-built drawer liner and then outftted with stainless spice jars, all precisely ftted for a no-slip ft. Clear bottle labels are included for a clean look. Circle No. 161 on Product Card The Essick Hook Rail from Liberty Hardware Manufacturing Co. is a metal rail with hooks to hang frequently used items such as hand towels, pot holders and kitchen utensils. The sleek design maximizes unused space between countertops and cabinets. The rail system is available in Polished Chrome and Satin Nickel. Circle No. 160 on Product Card The Wall Series 9 Bottle Wall Mounted Rack from VintageView Wine Storage is a wall-mounted wine storage unit that provides unique storage and display of wine bottles. The rack is available in a wide variety of standard fnishes – Satin Black, Platinum Series Brushed Nickel, Black Pearl and Chrome, as well as custom fnishes of Copper or Brass. The wine racks are easy to install and can be modifed to ft any size space. Circle No. 162 on Product Card KBD_42-47_PTR.indd 44 6/16/14 2:35 PM

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