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JUL 2014

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July 2014 | 17 w w w . m o c k e t t . c o m • 8 0 0 - 5 2 3 - 1 2 6 9 ardware Arc itectural Your for Fine "Fine Furniture" ® h 2005 Winner Andrea Ruggiero, NY — Sombrero™ Wire Manager 2012 Winner Andrew Elliott, Englewood, FL — Cord Manager 2010 Winner Rick Poliquin, Henderson, NV — Purse Hook 2009 Winner John O'Connor, Griffth, IN — Shelf Support Call for Entries! 2009 Winner Jeffrey Bolen, Marina del Rey, CA — Table Leg 2008 Winner Michael W. Davis, Rockford, MN — Star Grommet Our 29 th annual design contest is now open for entries. The competition specializes in furniture components, hardware and accessories. We seek your innovative ideas in those areas. Entering is simple: Just go to and submit online. Or see instructions for sending us an entry via mail or FedEx. Deadline is Tuesday after Labor Day, September 2. So hurry! First Place award(s) receive $1000, an engraved achievement trophy, and a royalty. First Place award(s) vary between 1 and 4; there is no limit. Circle No. 10 on Product Card Whirlpool Partners On Green Lab Benton Harbor, MI — An ener- gy-inefcient, late 1920s vintage bungalow in West Lafayette, IN, will become a living laboratory for appliance and resource efciency research. Whirlpool Corp. engineers are working with Purdue University to transform the of-campus house into a net-zero energy, water and waste structure. Called the ReNEWW house – for Retroftted Net-zero Energy, Water and Waste – the structure will be renovated to include energy-saving features, solar panels, a gray water system that reuses water from sinks and showers, and other technologies that promote resource efciency. Over the next three years, Whirlpool Corp. engineers who participate in the Whirlpool En- gineering Rotational Leadership Development (WERLD) Program and are enrolled in the engineer- ing graduate program at Purdue University will have the option to live and work in the house. After initial collection of baseline data, such as how much energy and water the home consumes, the students will work on converting the house into a net-zero home. Plans for the home include transforming the basement into a laboratory environment. Engineers will install an instrumentation sys- tem that monitors key data and employ the lab and data collected to help develop a next-generation, high-efciency appliance suite in conjunction with Purdue. "The goal of this project is not only to learn more about resource sustainability, but also to demon- strate how any home can become resource efcient when the right kind of modifcations are made," said Bob Bergeth, Whirlpool's gen- eral manager of builder sales. Ron Voglewede, Whirlpool Corp.'s Global Sustainability Lead, added that the residential re- modeling sector is an area that is particularly ripe for efficiency improvements considering that a majority of the nation's housing stock was built before the frst en- ergy crisis and with little regard for resource efciency. "We want to focus on ways to dramatically improve the existing residential stock in the U.S.," said Voglewede. MirrorMate Relocates to NC Charlotte, NC — MirrorMate has relocated to a new 13,250-sq.-ft. facility in Charlotte, NC. As part of operations, a new, computer-controlled double miter saw/router is being integrated into the manufacturing process at the new plant. The new machine's dual functions and special software make it the frst product of its kind in a North American framing operation, according to the company. KBD_10-17_IndustryUpdate.indd 17 6/16/14 3:27 PM

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