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April 2014 | 45 tinues to soar, as more and more customers are looking for that "something extra" to enhance their soaking experience. SIMPLE STYLE Zar says there hasn't been a big change in the look of tubs – people still want clean lines and a sleek look. As for color, she notes that it's really only seen in freestanding tubs, and even then, not often. When it happens, the pieces are treated almost as artwork, becoming the focal point in the bathroom. Dick adds, "A lot of homeowners like a clean, sleek, modern appearance, with no fttings…a very transitional look, like our forma collection." She adds that white is the dominant color, but biscuit is also becoming very popular in some areas. While Kornowa says there is a trend toward varying shades of warm grey, he agrees that white is still king. However, he adds there is a trend toward adding smaller splashes of color to the bath and, as a result, MTI will soon be releasing a clawfoot tub that ofers the feet in a variety of colors. Kohler prides itself on its wide color selection, says Jaeger. "Excitement is generated around bathrooms that stand out. A lot of those use color," she says. That being said, she adds, the tub is one of the most expensive elements in a bathroom remodel, which sometimes sends people back to the standard white, biscuit or almond choices to avoid the need to change it out each time the room is painted. INDIVIDUALIZED EXPERIENCE While many homeowners opt for the full sensory experience in a home spa, there is a fip side. Some consumers are shifting away from all of the options toward simplifcation. Above all, it comes down to personal choice, and the ability of designers to ofer no more or less than exactly what the customer wants. Zar says that Aquatic conducted a research project in fve major markets and found that people are doing a lot of research online, and want to design their own experience. "They want to be in control," she says. She adds that there may be a shift to a "less is more" attitude. Too many choices can overwhelm buyers, she notes, explaining that Aquatic is consolidating its line in response. Customers can take a tub, then add specifc therapies. Kornowa notes, " We continue to see a real di- chotomy in the tubs ordered. On one hand, we are receiving many orders for tubs fully equipped with ultra-therapy packages including whirlpool, air bath, micro jets with Tsubo massage, chroma- therapy and aromatherapy. At the other end of the spectrum, we are receiving many orders for simple freestanding soaking tubs with chromatherapy and Radiance." Designers can tailor the experience for their clients when they make certain they are choosing exactly the right type of therapy for their clients' specifc needs. New technologies are add- ing to the range of therapeutic options so it's no longer simply a choice of water or air jet. Rather, options in today's marketplace include sound vibrations, microbubble therapies and softly circulating water. Often, what a designer selects will come down to education says Zar. Aquatic's Driftbath, for example, features technology that circulates water over the mo- tor rather than using loud air or The Tylo Impression line of saunas includes the i1309, which ofers European styling in a panel-built, modular unit. The substantial use of glass in the saunas provides an ample feeling of space. Circle No. 165 on Product Card Integrating both traditional sauna and infrared heat, Experience 470 from Bathology immerses bathers in endless colors, relaxing sounds, fragrances and warmth. The unit integrates an exclusive starlit ceiling, glowing Himalayan salt feature, ambient sauna stone wall and four-zone LED lighting system. Circle No. 164 on Product Card American Standard combined the therapeutic benefts of an air spa with a whirlpool massage in its Walk-In Combo Massage Tub. The tub has a large, walk-in door, built-in-chair-height seat, built-in grab bar, textured foor, optional quick drain fast water removal system and optional neck rest. Available in White or Linen, the tub comes in four sizes that ft the space of a traditional alcove bath. A lifetime warranty on the door seal, a 15-year warranty on the tub shell and a 10-year warranty on the components are included. Circle No. 160 on Product Card Jason International is expanding its collection of freestanding baths with the addition of six new one-piece, seamless models. With sizes from 5-1/2' to 6' in length and models available in oval and rectangular shapes, the seamless freestanding baths come with a choice of Soaking, MicroSilk or AirMasseur hydrotherapies. Circle No. 161 on Product Card The Infnity series from Aquatic includes six tub models that feature air-whirlpool combinations. The line features the company's exclusive Shiatsu backrest with 12 jets that are air-sequenced for a more targeted hydro-massage experience. The tub also has jets that target the lower body – the hips, knees, calves and feet. An extra- soft, low-profle pillow includes a strong magnetic attachment system with two height setting options for multiple users. Circle No. 167 on Product Card Jacuzzi's Salerno tub features a transitional design, with wide arching curves, chamfer edges and sculpted details. The tub is available with whirlpool, Pure Air or Salon Spa, which combines the two therapies. Chromatherapy and Illumatherapy are also available. Circle No. 162 on Product Card The ThermaSol Whirlpool Control features a touch screen with time and temperature display. Featuring a sleek European design, the controller also includes programmable operation, multiple language, temperature and time format settings. Circle No. 166 on Product Card Spaworld Corp. ofers Steam Spa, which features generators that come standard with a built-in auto drain system, quick start and continuous steam technology. Amenities include chromatherapy, mood lighting, aroma steam heads and a variety of aromatherapy oils. Circle No. 163 on Product Card KBD_44-47_PTR.indd 45 3/17/14 1:13 PM

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