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APR 2014

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40 | Kitchen & Bath Design News April 2014 Designer's Notebook neatness and organization in their vanity area, or would they be happier if they had separate stations? • What type of grooming and hygiene supplies do they each maintain? Just as we of- tentimes open the doors in an existing kitchen and study the contents as we plan the kitchen's storage system, it's critical that we have a sense of the amount of cosmetics, grooming aids and hygien- ic products the individual adults would like to have a storage spot for. • What are the entertain- ment requirements of the bathroom space: charging station, speakers for their music system, television(s)? • The all important ques- tion: "Is there to be both a bathtub and a shower?" In addition to learning if both must be featured, you need to know how many people will use one or both of these fxtures together. VISUALLY EXPAND THE SPACE Lastly, appreciate how a bathroom can appear bigger when we focus on products and design details that in- crease the visual space of the room. Even when exist- ing bathroom spaces are expanded by the careful reorientation of adjacent rooms or functions, the size of the room can still prove challenging. • I recently had the pleasure of staying in this hotel in Southern California, and was impressed with this space-saving solution. The shower and toilet were in one compartment. The vanity and bathtub were in another. Photo: Courtesy of Shade Hotel, Manhattan Beach, CA; • Sliding Shoji screens allowed the entire bathtub/vanity area to be a part of the hotel room, or closed of – an intriguing idea. Photo: Courtesy of Shade Hotel, Manhattan Beach, CA; Ellen Cheever, CMKBD, ASID, CAPS, is a well-known author, designer, speaker and market- ing specialist. A member of the NKBA Hall of Fame, Cheever gained promi- nence in the industry early on as the author of two design education textbooks. She manages an award-winning design frm, Ellen Cheever & Associ- ates, and has been part of the management team of several major cabinet companies. • Being familiar with new sliding door systems can greatly enhance tight bathroom spaces. The glass sliding panel at the right slides in one direction to enclosure the shower, and slides in another to provide privacy for the toilet area. A unique idea! Photo: Courtesy of Kohler Co.; KBD_34-41_DesignersNotebook.indd 40 3/14/14 10:45 AM

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