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JUL 2019

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July 2019 • 25 kind of veer o the path – you can appreciate and love a lot of things but that doesn't always mean that it's right for your space. And I think that, as a designer, it's really important to keep everybody on track and moving in the right direction." She adds, "Words are a good way to keep the client accountable." For Gruver, accountability is one of the most important aspects of the designer-client relationship, and something that goes both ways. In order to earn and maintain client trust, Gruver prioritizes open and honest lines of communication from the very beginning of any project, and technology has proven to be an excellent way to keep herself and her team accountable to the client. By creating digital renderings of the nished project, Gruver is able to cultivate a sense of trust between herself and the client. "[It especially helps when] money is involved. People watch a lot of TV and they might think, oh, that doesn't cost that much. And so when you're telling them a number and they don't really understand, it helps to show them, okay, this is what the product is. That's worth it to me." This approach to client relationships, along with the longtime reputation of Gruver Cooley in the area, has provided Gruver with a steady stream of new and returning clients with very little eort dedicated to marketing, as well as a base of trusted subcontractors. "Because we're in a rural area, we get to grow these relationships, and we're such an old company that we have really strong relation- ships with the people that we work with," she remarks. "When you pride yourself on the qual- ity of your work, it's really important to work with people you trust." ▪ As part of a remodel of an estate caretaker's house, Gruver removed a wall to create a spacious open-concept first floor. Custom cabinetry, chevron tiles and all-new appliances breathe new life into the space. Bathrooms were expanded and renovated to become ADA compliant. Contact our Designer Concierge • 800-295-8498 Karr Bick Kitchen & Bath, St. Louis, MO Looking for originality? You've found it. Midcentury modern, retro or Victorian. With chrome, nickel or copper trim; each custom-built Elmira appliance is true to its era, while offering the performance and convenience of the most modern appliances. A splash of vintage inspiration, or a full vintage kitchen. Custom colors available. Be bold. Stand out. Circle No. 10 on Product Card

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