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JUL 2019

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Moving to more major inspiration points, the rst was biophilic design, or design that connects people to nature and the environ- ment, addressing our interest in environ- mental issues and in health and wellness. This connection to nature is showing up in the use of natural materials or the replication of the textures, colors and patterns of nature. It is also behind the movement to increased physical connection to outdoors, green or living walls and indoor gardens, and lighting that provides a sense of natural light and that can be programed according to circadi- an rhythms. Interest in health and wellness and physical activity is another mainspring for design, apparent in Universal Design xtures, water-saving and wa- ter-therapy ttings, appliances incorporating improved food preservation and healthier cook- ing methods and in lighting, as well as in space planning in public and residential spaces. Speaking to both wellness and technology, the KB Homes/ Builder Magazine Project Home at IBS included such things as a residential wellness technol- ogy platform, or a robot called Darwin that, among other things, roamed the house pas- sively managing air quality and controlling lighting to simulate natural sunlight according to the time of day and location of the home. Yes, technology – again in the massive new performing arts center, the Shed at Hudson Yards, the development that we visited. Technology enables this space to expand and contract on giant hardware, according to the size of the crowd or the event taking place. The desire to personalize is also apparent in the design of everything from fabrics to appliances, so like never before, there are amazing options for mixing and matching the parts and pieces that make up an appliance or a tting, or beyond the kitchen and bath, a fabric or nish choice, many of which in- volve saturated colors and bold patterns, especially Moroccan, where neutrals once ruled. CONCLUSION Most of us begin a client survey with questions about the client's design inspiration, and certainly we all need to be inspired to maintain fresh ideas and creativity. Whether from our oce les, or from the client, inspiration images help them to convey their vision to us, help us to expand our frame of reference and stimulate creativity, and help us to communicate our design concepts to them. I have the sense that the old saying "one picture is worth a thousand words" can be applied to this discussion, and that pictures would be better than any words at all, but I hope this serves as a challenge to you to get out and be inspired. ▪ July 2019 • 19 Circle No. 7 on Product Card

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