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JUL 2019

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AS DESIGNERS, WE are hungry for inspiration to feed our creativity and keep our designs fresh, and we are surrounded by lim- itless resources to meet this need. Sources of inspiration play an important role in the design process – as triggers for idea generation, in expressing design concepts and sometimes in solving design challenges. Whether to broaden the base of a newer designer or to refresh the more experienced designer, exploring sources of inspiration should be considered critical to the design process. On top of the incredible subject-specic library of photo inspiration available to us online, design shows and show houses oer further stimulation, as does exploration of things outside the singular focus on the kitchen and bath. Recent experiences at several of the spring trade shows and show houses, and traveling New York City with a designer friend, have reminded me of the wealth of design inspiration out there and recharged my design vision. Our observations prompted this chance to share some of that inspiration, some of the sources and a few of our trend-related ndings. INSPIRATION SOURCES When asked to consider sources for inspiration, we can all list the obvious and valuable websites, blogs, magazine collections and books of photo inspiration directly related to our design focus. Reaching outside these resources takes time and sometimes money, but it can be well worth that cost. Kicking o with KBIS and IBS, I took advantage of the chance to experience several great design shows here in New York this year. The Architectural Digest Design Show involves art and interior design, including some kitchen and bath concepts, targeting the luxury market. The International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) was amazing in its own right and also serves as the anchor for NYCxDesign – almost two weeks of opportunity to experience the best of design in the city. Amazing opportunities like this exist near and far, and researching and participating in those in your own backyard can save time and cost while oering a wealth of insight and vision. We are exposed to wonderful and unex- pected opportunities for design inspiration in our everyday happenings. Our wander in New York City took us from a park through some back streets of shops to a museum. We then walked the Highline, which is the restoration of an old elevated train track, now a park and walkway and the most-visited site in the city. We ended at a new development that included applications of technology that provided space- age features, which was in total contrast to the character of the neighboring Highline. Nature, being so good at lighting, color, balance and all the elements of design, makes a great catalyst for fresh ideas and directions. Retail shops can be as amazing as the proprietor who dresses the space (see photos, above right). Architecture in total – and especially in the details – can inspire a rich approach to design features. Finally, a conversation about unique aesthetics in New York would not be complete without a nod to the amazing people walking the streets, ab- solutely oering more motivation for a novel design approach. FINDINGS & OBSERVATIONS Throughout these experiences, there were several themes in the details that seemed note- worthy. First, there was the suggestion that the kitchen has evolved to be a social space where sometimes someone cooks. Second, Moroccan patterns were everywhere in fabrics, oor and wall surfaces, and used and new tiles, partic- ularly at the luxury level. Third, design across the concepts and product categories is sup- porting the commitment to decluttering and simplication. "Whether to broaden the base of a newer designer or to refresh the more experienced designer, exploring sources of inspiration should be considered critical to the design process." Ideas for Finding Design Inspiration MARY JO PETERSON, CMKBD, CAPS, CLIPP New and used encaustic tiles are one of the places where the Moroccan influence is inspiring design. Photo: Design inspiration can be found all over, including from creative retail displays. Photo: Lorey Cavanaugh 18 Kitchen & Bath Design News • July 2019 PLANNING & DESIGN

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