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JUN 2019

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Royal Flush hough often overlooked and underappreciated, the toilet is among the most critical items in the home when it comes to function. For the many who have lived through the experience, if the water closet goes wonky, the disruption it creates to peace and harmony in the home is immeasurable. For today's homeowner, however, a working toilet that provides optimal function is a given. The knowledgeable consumer wants – or at least has an interest in – many of the latest features available for this once ordinary bath fixture. Cleanliness is high on the chart, and power flushes, water flow, coated surfaces and other measures have made toilet scrub- bing a thing of the past. That this boost in cleanliness is done in high-efficiency toilets with minimal water used per flush is a major nod to developers who are trying to meet and beat the latest requirements. That same idea of cleanliness translates to the user, too, as bidet functions continue to gain traction in the U.S. market. Multiple spray settings and temperature regulators for air drying are being coupled with warmed seats, nightlights and even Bluetooth connect- ability and music. Oh, what today's toilet can do! To find out more, Kitchen & Bath Design News takes a look at a few of the latest fixtures available on the market. ▪ 1. The Blues WC Pan is part of Devon&Devon's collection of white ceramic sanitary fittings with a geometric contemporary spin. The line includes a bidet, as well as a WC with high-level cistern, close-coupled cistern and integrated unit. The traditional range of toilet seat finishes has been expanded through the introduction of semi-polished colors such as deep black, dark grey, mud, warm grey and pure white. Circle No. 200 on Product Card 2. Geberit installation systems for wall-hung bidets complement in- wall tank systems for wall-hung toilets. Both systems offer improved hygiene and cleanliness, safe and reliable operation, and attractive aes- thetics, according to the firm. Geberit bidet toilet systems are offered in two different frame heights to accommodate different installation requirements. Circle No. 201 on Product Card 3. ME by Starck's one-piece toilet has now been modified to meet ADA applications with a higher seat height. Designed for Duravit by Philippe Starck, the ME by Starck bath range is known for its streamlined aesthetic and design combinations. The slim toilet includes Rimless flush technology, which provides a powerful flow of water that rinses the entire inner surface. Circle No. 202 on Product Card 4. The MPRO One-piece, Single-flush Toilet from Crosswater London displays a sleek and understated design, and provides 1.28 gpf and a MAP flushing performance score of 1,000 grams, notes the company. The SoftClose, quick-release seat is removable, and the bowl and trap- way are fully coated with Nanoglaze, a special treatment that reduces microscopic pores in the ceramic surface for easy cleaning. Circle No. 203 on Product Card T 1 2 3 4 5 6 60 Kitchen & Bath Design News • June 2019 PRODUCT REVIEW

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