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JUN 2019

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The latter scenario played out in the kitchen of a 100-plus-year-old home where Calus let the backsplash 'speak' loudest via handcrafted Epro Potter's Loft Jade Green red body ceramic tile that mirrors the custom paint color of the island cabinetry. "My clients definitely wanted their backsplash to provide a pop of color to coordinate with the island," she says, adding that their Fiesta dinnerware in a similar blue/green color, as well as yellow and red, inspired the bold coloration. Stacking the tiles in a brick pattern helps to preserve the home's heritage, she notes, which also factored into their decision to complement the tile with unsealed soapstone for the perime- ter and island countertops. "They wanted to keep a lot of character in the home," she explains. "They love soapstone and its natural qualities which, when left unsealed, will naturally develop a patina. That's the beauty of the stone, which people either love or hate. Soapstone also doesn't have much pattern, offering a more uniform look with its black and gray tones that provide a nice backdrop for the colorful backsplash." Ethan Levy, owner/designer, Design Depot in Englewood, NJ, often designs backsplash and countertop combinations in Evelyn Benatar's client fell in love with the marble as soon as she saw it in the yard. The designer chose to use it as the backsplash for the sink and cooking walls as well as the perimeter countertops. Quartzite was chosen for the island top for its durability, and juxtaposing its dark color against the white marble adds interest, as well as a bit of yin and yang. In this 100-plus-year-old home, Marsha Calus let the backsplash 'speak' via handcrafted ceramic tile that mirrors the custom paint color of the island cabinetry. Stacking it in a brick pattern helps preserve the home's heritage, as does the selection of soapstone for the perimeter and island countertops. Photos: Shermin Photography June 2019 • 41 COUNTERTOPS & BACKSPLASHES

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