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JUN 2019

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their forever home. "In the Bronxville area, [clients want] a design that has longevity but also reflects their own personal style, and is also in line with the style of the home." In order to craft classic spaces that still feel exciting, they focus on bring- ing fresh and surprising details into their designs. For a project that they worked on in Palm Beach, FL, for example, "we used a classic subway tile in the shower, but to add a little twist and make it more relatable to the geographical area, it was an aqua- blue, as a nod to Palm Beach and the blues that you see right outside the door and in the ocean." Additionally, Hackett and Hackett-Cassidy incorporate subtle yet ultra-modern necessities into their designs. A recent custom vanity designed by Hackett Interiors incorporates a hairdryer drawer with an outlet, as well as a built-in mobile device charging station. VISUAL INSPIRATION For Hackett and Hackett-Cassidy, social media is an invaluable tool to get to know their current clients' unique tastes. "We request that people send [us] inspirational links to magazine articles online, Pinterest or Instagram. Inspiration photos are a good jumping off point." Providing photographic inspira- tion of their own to clients has been a worthy investment for Hackett Interiors as well. "I think we live in an era now that everybody needs to see a picture," says Hackett. "We photographed our projects and we built a website and that automat- ically helped the [design] process, so that people had a place to go and look at our work. We've really focused a lot on Instagram and using those photos – which are a big investment for a designer – to display our portfolio." In addition to helping them to con- nect with current clients, social media has also garnered plenty of business for the sisters. Hackett-Cassidy ex- plains, "It allows you the opportunity to connect with people outside of your immediate network." ▪ This kitchen features a contrasting island to add just the right amount of color pop amongst the clean and simple countertop, backsplash and cabinets. Once again, the sisters utilized a unique wallpaper to lend a bit of ex- citement to a small powder room. June 2019 • 31 B E S O C I A L | B E K N OW N | B E AW ES O M E w w w . t h e p e r f e c t s i x . c o m ( 4 8 4 ) 7 2 5 - 6 0 2 3 C o n t a c t D e n i s e G r o t h o u s e f o r d e t a i l s . PerfectSix T H E FA C E O F MARKETING MODERN S o c i a l M e d i a We b s i te S EO A d ve rƟ s i n g B ra n d i n g M a r keƟ n g P u b l i c P u b l i c Re l aƟ o n s P re s s Re l e a s e s W H AT W E D O S p e c i a l i z i n g i n t h e K i tc h e n a n d B at h i n d u st r y fo r m a n u fa c t u re rs a n d d e s i g n fi r m s o f a l l s h a p e s a n d s i ze s . A yo u n g a n d f re s h a p p ro a c h , m e rg i n g d i g i ta l a n d t ra d iƟ o n a l m a r keƟ n g to re a c h t h e wo r l d o f to d ays a n d to m o r ro ws co n s u m e r. Circle No. 16 on Product Card

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