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MAR 2013

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Market Pulse { Readers��� opinions on industry-related issues } Designers Discuss the Co-location of KBIS & IBS Kitchen & Bath Design News recently posed the following question to dealers and designers in the kitchen and bath industry: Beginning in 2014, NKBA and NAHB have agreed to co-locate their respective shows, KBIS and IBS. Does this make the show(s) more valuable? I have not attended IBS, but since I live in the Chicago area, I���ve always gone to KBIS when it���s been here. After doing some research about the Builders��� Show, I think there are several positives to combining them. It also appears that the SURFACES show will co-date with KBIS and IBS in 2015. I have never attended that show either, because of the time commitment, but it would depnitely be something that I would attend as part of this combination. As a small business owner/designer, combining the shows allows me to see more at once. It���s costly in time and money to go to shows. To be gone for that many days is di���cult. By combining the shows, I can focus on as much or as little as is practical from a time standpoint as well as from a business needs standpoint. With everything in one place, it���s easier to explore new products or things I wouldn���t normally seek out. It also gives me access to more continuing education opportunities. This year, IBS o���ered a design series that I never knew about. I would have to do more research to determine if those classes applied to my accreditation, but regardless, it���s still access to information. Combining them into one place also gives me more access to additional suppliers and more products. From a networking standpoint, that���s depnitely a benept. You can more easily network with, for example, builders. Even with the shows being in Las Vegas, I think I would probably try to go every other year, especially if they���re combined.��� Angie Gardeck, Allied ASID, owner New Perspective Design, Algonquin, IL I think it is a brilliant idea! Time is so valuable to everyone, especially designers. By combining the two shows it makes it much easier for any designer or professional, creating convenience and saving time and money. For those who sell to both retail and trade professionals like myself, it allows you to attend both shows, which has not always been an option. I feel that it depnitely will encourage more people to attend!��� Anne Hinte, designer Reico Kitchen & Bath, Springpeld, VA I have attended KBIS, but I have never been to the Builders��� Show. I don���t go to KBIS every year, but I do like to attend for networking opportunities with reps and other designers I don���t see often, as well as for seeing new trends and products. It���s also nice to be able to get out of my area and see new ideas. I do think the show needs to be more dynamic so I think it���s great they are combining with IBS. I think it will make both of them more valuable. It is especially interesting to me now because I���m starting a new business, Certiped Cabinet Installer. It���s an online business that o���ers certipcation for installers and gives them a presence to distinguish themselves from others who may not be qualiped to install cabinetry. Combining KBIS and IBS will put me closer to those people to network with.��� Priscilla Crother, PKBP, owner The Kitchen Lady, San Juan Capistrano, CA I am very excited about the two shows being joined together. I have been to IBS, but it���s been a number of years. I���m more active in NKBA. We are a design build prm and we center our remodeling business around the kitchen and bathroom. I am also licensed as a contractor so being exposed to IBS vendors will be a benept. By having the two shows joined together, it gives me the opportunity to go through their show to see new building techniques and building products that are benepcial to me on the kitchen and bath side since there are products we use that are sold through the builder venue. I think it���s also wonderful to have the opportunity to do some training at IBS, and to be able to meet people from NAHB.��� Robert Gabert, CKD Carousel Kitchen and Baths, Lake Park, FL I think it makes sense to combine the shows. I���ve attended the kitchen show every year, except for the past two, but I���ve never been to IBS. We decided not to go to the kitchen and bath show anymore because a lot of appliance manufacturers weren���t exhibiting. There haven���t been a lot of cabinet companies showing at KBIS, either. Combining the two shows might entice some of these manufacturers [to return] because they���ll have a larger audience, capturing both the building market and the kitchen and bath design markets. We���re looking for cabinet lines, and we���re always interested in our competitors���what products they have, etc. It helps us with our product lines. To some degree, combining the shows also entices me to want to attend. Particularly here in the Midwest, we don���t have everything at our pngertips. We can���t see everything whenever we want because not everybody is represented here. It would be even more enticing if the shows were held on the weekend. A three-day show in the middle of the week is di���cult to manage.��� Randy Sisk, senior kitchen designer Kitchens By Kleweno, Kansas City, MO WARNING: For Professionals Only! Now, a leading marketing organization offers you a way to survive this decade of turbulence. We prepared eight ���Survival Guides��� of proven tactics based on years of marketing and experience ��� everything from publicity and advertising to the Internet and how to become a product spokesperson. You can get your copies FREE by simply asking for them. 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