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MAR 2013

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proof of quiet kitchen ventilation is unheard of��� until now. Other companies may talk about how quiet their ventilation hoods are. But only one company can actually prove it ��� Vent-A-Hood. Vent-A-Hood���s unique WhisperTechnology more than lives up to its name. Even when the fan speed is operating on the highest setting, the sound it makes is barely above a whisper. In fact, the loudest thing you may hear is the sizzle of bacon on the stovetop. So how quiet is a Vent-A-Hood? The average conversation is approximately six to seven sones. When tested in a certified independent test lab on the highest speed, Vent-A-Hood range hoods measured from 5.4 to 6.6 sones. Vent-A-Hood didn���t invent quiet. But they did invent the industry���s quietest ventilation hood with the research to prove it. They also designed them to be the easiest to clean. And they come with industry���s best warranty. No wonder Vent-A-Hood continues to lead the way in innovations. dirty little secrets in the dirty little lurks in kitchens kitchen revealed. There���s a It���s called���secret thathood. Most people all across the country. the range avoid cleaning them because the task seems overwhelming. But left untouched, germs and odors can linger there, and grease can build up. That means walls, draperies, furnishings and other surfaces become landing strips for the cooking residue that flies through the air because it can���t get out through clogged filters. So what���s a person to do? Stop cooking? Don the heavy gloves, get out the harsh chemicals, and disassemble the range hood? That���s one way to handle it. But we have a better solution. Install a Vent-A-Hood. Vent-A-Hood designed their ventilation systems to do the heavy cleaning so you don���t have to, thanks to the E-Z Clean tray. Vent-A-Hood���s unique technology effortlessly draws moisture, odor, and grease from the air then deposits the grease into the little tray. To clean it, simply slide out the collection tray, wipe it off or pop it in the dishwasher, and you���re done. No more dirty secret. But don���t take our word for it. Simply scan the QR code here or visit your nearest Vent-A-Hood distributor to see ��� and hear ��� the proof for yourself. Scan here to see ��� and hear ��� how quiet a Vent-A-Hood really is.

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