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MAR 2013

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Spring Bath Remodeling Report larger and more luxurious.��� To that effort, Woods often steals space from wherever possible, such as adjacent bedrooms, closets or even portions of hallways. ���A lot of times I���m gutting an adjacent space as well as the master bath,��� she says. Larger, Amenity-Laden Showers ��� Along with the desire for a larger room, clients are also requesting larger showers, oftentimes at the expense of the tub. ���That gives us more room for a big shower,��� she notes, adding that she tries to grab space for at least a 4'x4' or 4'x6' shower, and larger if possible. ���I���ll try to eke out extra inches, then take down walls and open it up with glass to give the illusion that the space is even bigger.��� She says some clients request double showers, and most everyone asks for multiple shower heads ��� including a rainhead and personal, handheld shower ��� and body sprays. Steam showers are also on the rise. Typically Woods will incorporate a bench in the shower, fulplling aging-in-place needs as well as comfort. Economical Luxury ��� Bathrooms are product-driven spaces, Woods notes���the more you add, the more expensive they become. However, she indicates that many manufacturers ��� in particular those with plumbing pxtures and porcelain tiles ��� have done a lot in recent years to o���er value-priced products that still meet design trends. ���It���s an exciting time,��� she says. ���Years ago, it was a struggle to create something luxurious because the price was too high. But now I see products all across the board that deliver luxury at a���ordable prices. Clients don���t have to go with the most expensive product to remain on-trend and have a beautiful space. There are a lot of options that look terripc.��� Specialized Storage ��� ���I talk a lot with clients about creating a spot for everything,��� she Photo: Chris Kompst, heMaui Pro Photography ��� Large, open showers without doors and curbs are popular with Cindy Tervola���s Baby Boomer clients. Vanities with exotic veneers and horizontal grains are also trending. says, from a hair care station ��� complete with electriped drawers with safety switches for hair dryers, qat irons, etc. ��� to medicine cabinets with outlets for toothbrushes and electric shavers. Linen towers, cubbies for towels and cosmetic drawers are also popular when space allows. ���There���s depnitely a trend toward keeping products off the counter and stored,��� she stresses. Trending Products ��� TVs and sound systems; green products (dual-qush toilets and LED lights); large-format porcelain tile and tile in unusual sizes (1"x24", 6"x24"). CINDY TERVOLA Tervola Designs Kitchen & Bath Studio Maui, HI Floating Cabinets ��� ���They visually open up the room,��� says Tervola, ���and they lend themselves to the contemporary/modern styles that we���re seeing now. Old World/ traditional styles aren���t completely out, but they���ve been around for a long time and I think people get tired of seeing the same thing.��� Tervola also indicates she is influenced by European design when it comes to cabinetry. As such, she sees clients requesting more qatpanel doors ��� which are also more conducive to Hawaii���s environment ��� with exotic veneers and horizontal grains. ���We have ���Maui dirt��� here,��� she says of the soil that is iron rich and reddish in color with a tendency to stain. ���We get the trade winds so people open their windows and that dirt blows through. A qat-panel door is easier to keep clean compared to one with mouldings and corbels.��� Cabinetry without handles is also making a comeback, ��� It���s all about tile and Photos: Wouter Van der Tol stone in the master bathrooms that Darren Henault designs for his clients. He notes that neutral tones with rich patterns o���er the muted luxury that his clients are currently seeking. 36 | Kitchen & Bath Design News March 2013 which supports the clean lines and simple look her clients are requesting. Curved sink fronts are also currently fashionable with the popularity of contemporary/modern styles. Large, Open Showers ��� Doorless and curbless showers are becoming more popular, especially with Baby Boomers who want to age in place. ���There will be a greater need for ADA designs,��� she notes. As such, Tervola also adds backing for shower grab bars, regardless of whether or not they are immediately installed. ���It makes it much easier to install them down the road,��� she says. Porcelain Tile ��� ���There are some wonderful porcelain tiles out now,��� she says. ���Manufacturers are introducing designs that look like wood and stone, with the ease of maintenance of porcelain. Plus, installation is less [expensive]. I am working on a project right now where the porcelain is in plank form, which is a popular choice.��� Tervola also sees her clients wanting to change up the look by laying tiles vertically rather than horizontally, and by mixing them with glass or stone. Island Look ��� ���In Maui, we get a lot of part-time residents,��� she says. ���Whatever is happening on the mainland, they bring it here and want to give it a Hawaiian qair.��� For many clients, that means a casual look with mahogany or white cabinetry. ���White cabinets never go out of style here, no matter what���s going on trend wise,��� she says. ���Plantation-style, white painted doors���that���s what Hawaii is all about. Although

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