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MAR 2013

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Spring Bath Remodeling Report By Kim Berndtson Simplicity and comfort-based amenities are driving master bath design. S comfort and a simpler lifestyle has had a major impact on the home design arena, especially in the master bath. ���The master bath has become a living space where people spend a lot more time,��� says Tanya Woods, AKBD, CAPS, co-owner of Xstyles bath+more in Bloompeld Hills, MI. ���They consider it a retreat, and they want it to resemble a spa. When people come home from work, they can���t wait to get into their bathrooms.��� But while escape is a key theme in the master bath, many consumers are foregoing the ���just for show��� bells and whistles and increasingly looking for a bath that is simple, uncluttered and restful, with functional and comfort-based amenities as the ���new luxury.��� This trend seems to hold true regardless of the bath���s size. Darren Henault of Darren Henault Interiors in New York, NY notes, ���I think people want a much simpler, less hightech experience.��� He sees interest in body jets, sprays and steam showers waning in the traditional and transitional bathrooms he designs. ���Prior to 2008, people were doing such over-the-top stu��� in their homes. It actually became more complicated. Now there���s a di���erent idea of luxury. It isn���t so much about bells and whistles���it���s easier, less conspicuous consumption. It���s more about how the master bath looks and feels.��� Time and energy concerns are also impacting bath design, according to Heather Moe, Design Moe Kitchen & Bath in Escondido, CA. She explains, ���Every client I have is ripping out the big [whirlpool] tubs and getting rid of them. Two years ago I was replacing them with sculptural tubs, but now they don���t want any tub at all. They don���t have the time [for a long bath], and they���re watching water and energy usage. They see it as frivolous, and they���d rather save the space for a bench, window seat or larger shower.��� ��� Larger showers with more amenities (left, below) and specialized storage (above) are two trends Tanya Woods sees occurring in the master bathrooms she has recently designed. Cindy Tervola, Tervola Designs Kitchen & Bath Studio in Maui, HI, sees the same trend occurring in Hawaii. ���If space is limited, people tend to take out the tub and enlarge the shower,��� she says. Following are several more trends these designers have identiped in recent master bath remodeling projects. TANYA WOODS AKBD, CAPS Photos: Beth Singer Photographer, Inc. tudies show that people are living in their homes longer, and as such, they seem to be more interested in making their home a haven of beauty and simplicity. Indeed, the recession not only changed many homeowners��� pnancial situation, but in many cases, their values as well; and the growing interest in home, Xstyles bath+more Bloompeld Hills, MI Larger Master Bath Spaces ��� ���My clients are no longer content with a small bathroom,��� says Woods. ���They want their master bath to be March 2013 | 35

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