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A trio of CEDIA Award finalists showcase how design partnerships can allow for the creation of high-tech spaces that solve problems and add functionality – without sacrificing aesthetics. BY JANICE COSTA Winning Technology t's all but impossible to ignore the growing impact of tech- nology in the home. Between connected appliances, "smart speakers" like Amazon's Alexa and Google Home and prod- ucts – from shower systems to lighting to cooking appliances – with app-driven features that enhance functionality, technology is re-envisioning how consumers use every aspect of their home. While kitchen and bath designers may initially be looking only at how these products impact these rooms specifically, the trend is far more wide-ranging than a single room in the house. Home automation is becoming a hot trend, and while the kitchen often acts as command central, the end goal is often a totally connected home. However, the complex nature of today's home automation technology can be challenging for designers whose clients want to venture into the world of connectivity, and this is where partnerships come into play. Just as kitchen designers often worked with lighting designers when a plethora of new options created more complexity in the lighting arena, today's kitchen and bath professionals are finding that technology experts can offer valuable insights and help to forge partnerships – partnerships that may allow designers to create ancillary profit centers that can expand well beyond the kitchen and bath. Many designers at the forefront of technology are discover- ing CEDIA as a resource for technology professionals. At the recent Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas, the tech- nology association had a strong presence, showcasing a wealth of technology solutions for all areas of the home. CEDIA – which represents 3,700 member companies worldwide and serves more than 30,000 industry professionals who manufac- ture, design and integrate goods and services for the con- nected home – was established in 1989, and hosts an annual awards program designed to showcase projects that celebrate technical excellence in design, installation and integration. I Photos: Daniel Beuhler/Dave Starrett Photography 50 Kitchen & Bath Design News • May 2019 THE CONNECTED HOME

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