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MAY 2019

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Her 50-something clients may not be super trendy, but they do want to be current, says Venalainen. "They aren't stuck in the past. They are knowledgeable about trends and they embrace trends, but I wouldn't say they make selections that date a design. They do tend toward timeless elements. "For example, matte black, which they love, and brass, which isn't your grandmother's tarnished metal, have been huge…and they still carry on," she continues. "Both have been sprinkled everywhere throughout home renovations for people in this demographic." THE 60s Clients in their 60s are often shaped by their life events and encounters, says Barbara Mitchell, ASID, NCIDQ, LEED, Kitchen & Bath Cottage, in Shreveport, LA. "They are typically empty nesters who have grandchildren," she notes. "They also travel quite a bit and are influenced by those world experi- ences, and by their friends. Frequently they tell me they saw something at a hotel, or at a friend's house in, say, Colorado." Projects that these clients take on may be their last renova- tion or new home, she adds. "They're looking for products and materials that will last a long time because they probably won't be renovating again," she explains. "For instance, depending on their economic situation, older clients will go for more expensive brands of appliances because they don't want to replace them." By the time people are in their 60s, they also have a good sense of what works for them and the way they live. "Younger clients will be doing a kitchen or bathroom again, so they are more willing to try different things," Mitchell believes. "But by the time people are in their 60s, they have done this and tried that. They have learned over time, and from experiences, what works for them…and they know what they love." This scenario played out with a recent client who replicated her previous master bathroom in her new home. "She knew When Kitchen & Bath Cottage became involved in the design of two neighboring cus- tom homes for a 40-something client and her 60-something parents, built simultaneously in collaboration with Ben Patterson (architect) and Terry M. Elston (builder), the parents' home was designed with somewhat more traditional sensibilities. This couple's master bath- room also illustrates a common sentiment for many people in their 60s, who generally have a good sense of what works for them and the way they live, according to designer Barbara Mitchell. In this case, the mother loved the master bathroom from her previous home, so she essentially replicated it in her new home. Photos: Eric Elberson 44 Kitchen & Bath Design News • May 2019 GENERATIONAL DESIGN

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