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MAY 2019

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For instance, Kitchen & Bath Cottage designers are cur- rently working on a project slated for an upcoming Parade of Homes event, where a client's prep kitchen will feature dark green cabinetry. "She has a lot of great ideas…and she wants to incorporate them all," notes Stanfield. "She wants something unique and cutting edge." THE 50s By the time people are in their 50s, many may have waited for a time in their lives when they have the opportunity to focus on themselves, indicates Natalie Venalainen, designer, Men At Work Design Build, in Toronto, Canada. "I recently worked on two renovations where the couples were at a point in their lives where their kids were grown," she says. "Portions of their homes had been overlooked because they had different priorities. But now they are ready for the next stages of their lives. Retirement is on the horizon and they want their homes to be places where they will live for the foreseeable future." As they consider design elements, materials and products, they give precedence to quality. "They aren't necessarily look- ing for the cheapest options," she says. "They want quality and they are willing to pay for it. This is their gift to themselves." In the kitchen, appliances are an indulgence. "Half the time they're spending the same on appliances as they are on cabinetry…or more," she states, noting a penchant for high- end, built-in models. Countertop preferences fall about equally into two camps, she says. While some clients don't want the maintenance as- sociated with natural materials, others will splurge for unique stone. "They appreciate its natural beauty and they are willing to accept periodic maintenance for that beauty," she explains, adding that selecting the perfect slab is often a highlight of a renovation. If the opportunity presents itself, clients in this demo- graphic often opt for barrier-free showers in the bathroom to assist as they age in place. Benches, either built-in or free-standing, are also popular, as are saunas. "They aren't always huge, but as clients think about health and wellness, they appreciate the benefits of a sauna," she notes. Many of Natalie Venalainen's 50-something clients have waited for a time in their lives when they have the opportunity to focus on themselves, such as these homeowners who renovated their kitchen as well as multiple bathrooms. Investing in quality items, such as high-end appliances and natural stone, often takes precedence. Although not necessarily trendy, this demographic does like to be current, with design elements such as the brass fixtures seen here. Photos: Valerie Wilcox 42 Kitchen & Bath Design News • May 2019 GENERATIONAL DESIGN

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