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rather simple question. She knows when to "hold up the mirror" and show people how they are behaving. She doesn't get defensive or try to match their belligerence. She just inquires about what the problem might be with a simple question and waits for the answer. Besides, asking a question gives you a little more time to think. The partner, however, instinctively knows how to recover, even if they bring it down a notch. They respond by saying "No, I'm not upset, it's just that your prices are high. I checked them out online." But Claire has been trained well, she knows that the first thing she needs to ac- complish is to get this partner calm, on her side and ready to knock down the sales barri- ers they just put up. So, she reinforces her counter attack with a follow-up question, "It's just that you seem so upset. I was wondering if I had said something to upset you?" Claire then stops talking and waits for her answer. She is not putting that mirror down so fast. Now the partner senses trouble; this salesperson is good. She's not letting anyone walk all over her. And the client is looking at them with those eyes that could kill. All of a sudden, they realize that they are messing with their partner's new best friend. "No, I was just wondering why this faucet is so much more than that one over there?" the person asks in a somewhat calmer voice. Claire smiles to herself; she knows victory is right around the cor- ner. The once agitated partner is now behaving more calmly and actually asking a good question. This question is one that Claire has answered many times in her career. Still being the professional, she first compliments the question before proceeding to explain the difference. After all, this partner is now Claire's new best friend and it's time to close this sale. ▪ Daniel H. Chinitz is the man- aging director of Creative Bath Sales, representing decorative plumbing and hardware man- ufacturers in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Washington DC in the East, as well as Arizona, Nevada/Las Vegas in the West, since 2002. Previously, he owned a bath showroom and plumbing supply in New Jersey for 15 years. Read past columns and features and send us your comments about this article and others at May 2019 • 25 Circle No. 13 on Product Card

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