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Cooking is handled outside the immediate kitchen area to eliminate any ventilation issues associated with smoke. Within the pool house, Taylor also included an adjacent seating area with a fireplace and television. A ceiling fan overhead keeps air moving and guests comfortable. Given Mangold's northern locale, outdoor living spaces often start with a roof. Adding a fireplace and infrared heat in the ceiling further extends enjoyment opportunities so homeowners can use the space from the end of April through Halloween. "Our outdoor spaces are more like great rooms," she says. "Within that concept is a cooking element. But there is also an area for dining that includes a table, a high top or a big farm table as well as a lounging space with a fireplace and television so people can watch baseball in the spring and football in the fall. The entire space becomes an extension of a family's living space that happens to be outside." Other 'must haves' often include a giant built-in grill with a rotisserie element and plenty of countertop space – usually crafted from poured concrete, but more often natural stone such as granite or quartzite – to each side of the grill for food prep and serving. Often, Mangold will include a built-in ice cooler as well. "We create a hole in the countertop and drop in an insu- lated stainless steel cooler," she says. "People fill it with ice for beer, wine or soda. A hole in the bottom is connected to a hose so, when the ice melts, the water can drain to daylight. We'll also include an undercounter refrigerator to keep things cold that don't go on ice." Considering the winter temperatures in Mangold's climate, sinks aren't always a given. "About half the time we'll add a sink and faucet," she says. "They are expensive to run and winterize, so clients have to be committed." Many of these elements were included in a recent great room addition Mangold made to a home she designed a few years ago. Its cooking space includes a built-in grill clad in Ellinor Ellefson's clients often want complete outdoor cooking spaces, such as this kitchen where the designer included a refriger- ator, grill, sink and seating at the single-level countertop. They also often trend toward a contemporary design style, where materials such as concrete for countertops, as in this space, are particularly popular. Photos: Beau MacDonnell; The Shutter Co 42 Kitchen & Bath Design News • April 2019 OUTDOOR KITCHENS

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