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APR 2019

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Like Ellefson, Taylor's clients have cooked on simple built- in grills for a while. But now many are looking to up the ante and the designer has noticed the trend for outdoor kitchens is beginning to catch on, especially with clients who have pool houses and want an outdoor kitchen or kitchenette for entertaining. "People are looking to branch out and focus on different aspects of cooking," she comments. "They're wanting to cook in ways they can't inside, like with a wood-burning pizza oven." Essentials in many of the outdoor cooking spaces Taylor designs include a grill built into a stone surround, much like a fireplace. Cabinets are usually stainless steel and countertops are natural stone. The latter was the material of choice for a recent pool house kitchen where granite serves as a durable countertop work surface. In this case, the designer opted for more traditional cabinetry since it was protected by the roof. And, while the structure is fully open on one side, Taylor designed the space so it could be fully enclosed in the future, if needed. Appliances include an ice maker – which was a 'must have' for these clients – a small beverage refrigerator and a sink. now they want to take it the extra step and enjoy the outdoors more. I'm working on a project now where my clients want to do all of their cooking outdoors. One area will host a sink, a grill and a cooktop, which can be used to cook something like a sauce simultaneously with what's being cooked on the grill. We're also including an island, similar to an indoor kitchen island, with a refrigerator, prep area and overhang countertop where people can sit and chat with the cook. It's basically an interior space…without the walls." Many of Ellefson's outdoor spaces also trend toward a con- temporary design style where materials such as concrete for countertops are particularly popular. In fact, poured concrete was the countertop of choice in one recent project where she renovated the exterior space to complement the newly remod- eled interior. "Now the indoor and outdoor spaces really flow together," she says, noting their shared modern design style. Some essentials for the space include a refrigerator, grill, sink and seating, which Ellefson included at the single-level countertop. "Previously their countertop was multiple levels," she explains. "But people don't really want raised bars anymore… either inside or outside. A flush countertop improves work flow and gives you more work space. Plus, it gives a cleaner design." Ellefson complemented the countertop with 24"x48" concrete-esque porcelain tile that faces the island. "We wanted something more interesting than stucco," she notes. "We butt- ed the tiles very tightly together to give the effect of semi-pol- ished concrete." The designer added some shade, another critical element given her Arizona location, and finished the space with traver- tine tiles for the floor. Many of Shannon Taylor's clients have cooked on simple built- in grills for a while. But now many are looking to up the ante with their outdoor spaces, including this homeowner who wanted an outdoor kitchen, complete with a beverage refrigerator, ice maker and sink. Cooking is handled outside the immediate kitchen area and an adjacent seating area with a fireplace and television gives guests a place to lounge. Photos: John Clemmer Photography April 2019 • 41

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